Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Serenade

The other day, Nathan and I were chatting on MSN about how awkward it is when someone serenades you in private. Like, its super awkward. Even worse if you don't know the song, and therefore can't even join in. Because we all know that people singing together is lovely. But one person singing to one person? AWKWARD.

One of the cooks at work likes to sing. He just sings in general, but somehow it came out that I like country music [because chances are usually slim that the other person does as well]. Naturally, the guy loves it too, and starts singing a Garth Brooks song. To me. With no one else in the room. And SOMEHOW it was a Garth Brooks song I didn't know.

So there I am, minding my own business in the dish pit where I belong, and not in the kitchen where he belongs. And he's singing to me. A song I don't know.

What was I doing while this happened? Well, I thought I should just continue with my work, and almost ignore the singing. But the work I was doing was cutting onions.

Me. Crying while being serenaded. Holy freaking embarrassment.


joe said...

you loved it

Darryl said...

It was the onions,right? lol

Elyse said...

how could you not know every garth brooks song.... he only has like 14 albums

katrocket said...

Did the cook at least have a good voice?