Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Rock Show

I scored the day off on Friday, which ensured that Darryl and I could head to Montreal.

At 9:30am, we hoped on the train. Normally, such a method of transportation would be too pricey for my poverty stricken lifestyle, but the amazing 60% off all travel deal that VIA Rail had after their two day strike was definitely timed well for us. The trip was lovely, although we were tired. We arrived downtown Montreal at 11:30.

After a lengthy wandering session, trying to find a freaking metro station [which should have been much easier than it was], we headed to Old Montreal and the Old Port.

We toured around the port, Rue St. Paul, and had a lovely panini lunch on a patio, filled with lively diners [including a family that was clearly from the US, who were bitching about the location of their table on the patio, as it was too windy, and they demanded to be moved. Stereotypical American tourists at their finest!

We went into a Christmas store, which had these interesting ornaments. Only in Montreal.

Then there was more exploring in Old Montreal. There were a few drops of rain. Boo!

Darryl managed to use his French skills to make some new friends. I practically had to drag him away.

While the entire area is littered with souvenir shops, I've always found this one to be the nicest, so I took Darryl there. He spent forever looking for an Israeli flag.

We saw this old guy painting some pretty awesome pictures, which I absolutely would have bought if they weren't 100 bucks each.

SIDE STORY INTERRUPTION! ... When we first arrived in Montreal and were waiting for the Metro, a man with a family from Nova Scotia asked us how to get to Pi IX. While I've been there before, I am not familiar with Montreal enough to be giving metro directions to places I've never accessed by metro. We then headed in different directions. Several hours later, on this street with the artists, the same man came up behind us and said "I see you made it"... each of us had spent several hours doing separate things in a city none of us belonged to, and we ran into each other twice. The world is crazy.

We headed back to the metro station, and went to Rue Ste. Catherine to partake in some shopping.

We went to the always-enjoyable Simons, where Darryl bought shirts, and as gay tradition dictates, I got awesome underwear LOL.

We walked down the street, past the strip clubs and homeless people, and the well dressed people, and every guy in a 5 mile radius checking us out. I love Montreal.

Then we managed to meet up with Pam [who had appeared on this blog before, but first came into my life at En Francais à Quebec in Quebec City [CLICK HERE]. We ate dinner at Bofinger which just couldn't be more delicious. In December, I chatted with the owner and he told me they were planning a location in Ottawa. I'm still waiting.

Pam then walked us back down Ste. Catherine, to the Bell Center, and then headed off on her merry little way.

The Planet Smashers did a great job, as did Fall Out Boy. The Planet Smashers have officially joined Sum 41, Brad Paisley and Blue Rodeo in the 'concerts I've seen twice' competition.

The place was packed, and absolutely crazy loud. Montreal concert fans rock.

The main event was Blink 182, and oh my god I don't know if I've ever been so happy at a concert. They were ridiculously awesome, and even though the concert pictures are terrible quality, they're proof that I was there. Enjoying the amazing. And it ended with Travis Barker FLYING AROUND IN THE AIR WITH HIS DRUM KIT during an insane solo. You have not lived until you've seen this occur. There could not have been a better way for them to prove that he has recovered from his near-death plane accident.

As with all fantastic days, this one had to end. We headed to the bus station and caught the midnight train to Georgia bus back to Ottawa, which surprisingly wasn't crowded. We also got to witness the tragedy of one girl just making it onto the metro, while her friend desperately failed to reach the doors in time. Hilarius.

We jolted awake as the bus arrived in Ottawa at the Laurier bus stop. It is very weird to be waking up an instantly appear in the middle of a city you weren't in when you went to sleep. And when I reached into my pocket, my bus pass was gone. Lost to the VIA train, or the streets of Old Montreal, or seat 6, row FF, section 331 of the Bell Center. After replacing the pass, I've paid $142 to ride OC Transpo this month. Even a perfect day can't be completely perfect.


Darryl said...

The Concert indeed rocked... in fact, the entire trip was amazing. Metros rock (once you figure out how to use 'em and find 'em). Thank you for posting the mermen ornaments... they're oh so gay in all the right way.

i am playing outside said...

I'm pretty sure the sentence "they're oh so gay in all the right way" is they're oh so gay in all the right way.

Darryl said...

How appropriate!

JennyMac said...

Love the pics...looks like a great trip. And the mermen? Love them. My little brother is gay and one of his friends sent him that..he said no ()&@!*^! way was it going on his tree and "gaying" it up. LOL!!~~ The mermen are even tooo gay for some gays.