Friday, August 21, 2009

The MSN Breakdown

Two or three hours ago, I got home from work. I took the 12 bus, which involves walking a couple blocks up the hill to get home. A few stops before mine, all of the world's rain began pouring down. Pure insanity. By the time I got off the bus, the road and even the sidewalks were flooded. I pulled out my high-quality umbrella that Darryl bought me after my incredibly low-quality one got destroyed by the mere thought of rain.

Even a great umbrella couldn't stop me from getting wet. I actually swam uphill to get home. It was like the monsoon scene from Jumanji.

Somehow, my 8 year old waterproof school bag is STILL waterproof, which I was very happy about, since I had a cheque in my bag. This cheque is important, since it allows me to exchange it for money at the bank. Its some crazy new way of getting money non-electronically. High tech.

So why am I cashing a cheque, when I have direct deposit from work? They didn't pay me for my first three days of work, is why. You see, I worked three days in PAY PERIOD 1, and was told by my boss that the money would be added with PAY PERIOD 2. Before PAY PERIOD 2 ended, my boss quit, and I guess the replacement didn't know this. Now, we're almost at the end of PAY PERIOD 3 [and hello, these are two-week pay periods] so I was like I WANT MY MONEY! And the restaurant owner had no problem with giving it to me. He even paid me more than I was owed. I love him.

So anyway, I get home from Jumanji, and all the lights are on, but I don't see Andrew. I slowly move into his room to see if he's in there and to put his mail on his desk. He SHOULD be asleep at this point, but he's not in there either. So I'm sneaking back out and BAM! there he is coming toward me, seeing me in his room lol. Apparently he heard a noise on the balcony and was checking it out, silently and invisibly.

I put some clothes in the laundry, and I turn to my trusty, loving computer. Which fails me. Everything is working fine, except MSN. Its like 3 hours later, and its STILL not working. There better be a good excuse for this! So now, you're getting this blog post, which is really about nothing, but that's the best I can come up with lately. And now, some point form randomness:

-Momma bought her first brand new car today. Her previous car [used] died, and that just wont help her get to Pembroke every day to her fancy new job with her own clients and such.

-I've worked at my job close to a month now. So far, 2 kitchen staff have been fired, and 5 have quit. And I can foresee 1 more firing and 4-5 more quitters in the near future. And I shall just keep my nose down and do my job.

-Tomorrow, I need to cash my cheque, buy camera batteries [hoping they're still having a sweet sale so I can stock up], inform Old Navy of my impending address change so I can get my T4 from them in February, and then come home and throw the entire amount of that cheque onto my credit card so I'll then only owe $500 for my flight to the Olympics. Getting things paid off quickly totally rocks. And then I'll be off to work, since it never ends.


djt said...

Sorry to hear that the umbrella was useless... I was in and out of slumber by that point, methinks, because I clearly remembered texting you about trying to stay dry or blah blah and then bam, I like passed out.

MSN is an evil tool, and that's the truth... hopefully it will work for you in the morning. As long as you still have internet, it's not as painful.

Bec said...

ya this working all the time thing sucks... oh wait after sunday I am done forever mahahahah or well until the spring but I also wont be getting paychecks which will suck!

Bec said...

ps you have 43 post tags about shopping thats a lot!

Unindicted Co-Conspirator said...

Ya know, you make your life sound like it's filled with lots of little things that somehow add up to big things. Thanks for the rain - it's so dry here, that was my favorite part of your afternoon

Anonymous said...

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