Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2001

As we all know, 2001 was the future, what with its flying cars and teleporters and such, so I wont go into that any further. But since I was from a small town, we didn't have the flying cars or teleporters yet, so he's a unique look at how things used to be, way back in the past.

Our school trip took us to the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Or maybe just Rebecca went. This was exciting for the following reasons:

1. At that time, I lived in Renfrew, and not Ottawa, and therefore I couldn't just go to the canal every single day if I wanted to.
2. It was at a time before 'global warming' and the canal was frozen for more than 8 minutes per year, so the ice was actually good on the scheduled trip day.
3. Who doesn't love skating on things that will eventually become UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

Mando was on the trip, so surely there was something non-skating planned for that day as well LOL.

NOTE: Her green and orange Nike jacket matched my black and yellow Nike jacket. Awesome.

Elyse, Rebecca and I had oh so much wintery fun that day! I look like such a loser.

I swear to god, Rebecca didn't pay me to write this post. 2001 was clearly a good year for her. For some reason, we had cake at school [I'm sure she'll remember why...her memory is insane] and for some other reason, Alex was being his normal weird self.

NOTE: I was wearing my snazzy green GE Canada shirt, because who doesn't love wearing a shirt of a place they'll eventually work at?

Just because I'm a loser, I competed in and won my 3rd consecutive Legion spelling bee. I mean, if I was competing, why did anyone else bother?

Then, I was the Valedictorian for our Grade 8 class. Us French Immersion kids were forced to write speeches, and even though I didn't want to do it [Hello, I HATE public speaking] I was chosen. It was 8,000 degrees in the gym, so I was a big sweat bag, but I made people cry. Or they were just really sweaty. And you know it was just lame girls crying, like Amanda H [who is creeping in the background of that picture above of Elyse, Rebecca and I... this post is very 'full circle'].

My hair did this fucking AWFUL thing due to all the sweaty, which was not noticed [by me at least] until the photos were developed. Thank God for digital cameras.

L-R: Natalie, Rebecca C., Stephanie, Kyle, Brandon, Me, Alison, Mando, Adam.

Rebecca and her parents. 3 cheers for Rebecca's family!

At the end of the summer, we took my sister to Thunder Bay and left her there. She decided to go to teacher's college or something to pass the time. Because we're a loving, adorable family, this picture was possible.

And then at some point, my cousin Kennedy put on her mom's cowboy boots, which is awesome for numerous reasons, starting with the ownership of cowboy boots.

I went to high school, and decided that the orange t-shirt look was classy enough for my Grade 9 photo.

And now, the picture you've all been waiting for, my cousin Erik and his mommy/my godmother Frances, in their brand new GORGEOUS house, which you can't see much of in this picture.

Happy New Year.


boredmando said...

Gah that is a beautiful picture of me. It features my Addias hat (actually being worn frontwards for once), my neon green Goosebumps toque, my alien necklace, AND quiet possible the first time I was ever allowed to buy boys clothing - the Nike jacket. You know I had to fight mom for that. Please ignore that blue sweater. It's hideous.

This was the year you guys were douches and told the teacher I was planning on leaving the canal to go shopping or what-have-you. When Mr. Schwan asked me of my plans, I was all wtf, I don't even know how to get to the Rideau Centre.

Also I love that we are all wearing dark blue in that grad pic. Even Natalie got the blue memo.

Oh, and then I scroll down and see Bec in a nonblue. Way to be a rebel.

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Bec said...

OMG 2001 was clearly an awkward phase for me!!! The ice on the canal that day was the best ever, it was so smooth. I also remember that we had amazing poutine and beaver tails and we skated all the way to the end I think!
ps I dont know why we were eating that cake and it is driving me crazy!
pps Amanda I remember being so sad when you cut off all your hair because you had the prettiest longest blondest hair that I was uber jealous of!

dt4ever said...

Yay for being the valedictorian... and for being in Immersion! Now speak French to me and my family!!!! :P

Love the orange shirt -- totally beats the uniform I had to wear, tie and all!

i am playing outside said...

oh my god... I didn't even notice that Rebecca even snuck into the bottom of the picture of me and Mme. White. Rebecca is a stalker! haah

Elyse said...

sucks to be you Amanda... I didn't get caught sneaking off to go shopping