Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2000 Part 2

When we left off last week, we were in Newfoundland. The year was 2000. Bill Clinton was still president and terrorism didn't exist.

We decided to take the 14 hour ferry back to Nova Scotia from Newfoundland. We got on early, and found a nice quiet spot on the boat. Who decided to join us? Old people. 34 RVs full of old people, travelling the country. Surrounding us. Being old. And not being in their RVs.

When we got back to the better part of the country, we mainly drove home, without much tourism, although we did stop in Montreal for a day since the parents had really never been [And I had TWICE]. We went up the tower at Olympic Statium.

Look at that athlete's village. Its like Montreal's very own great pyramid!

We got back to Renfrew just in time for me to be in the newspaper yet again, this time for our sweet soccer win.

Then, we went to a big family BBQ at the house where my mommy grew up, in the country outside of Douglas. The house that was later basically stolen from their cousin Pat. BOO! HISS!

Mom and a selection of her siblings climbed the big hill out back to take this picture under their precious massive tree. I believe I took this picture!

In one of my most memorable trips to Ottawa ever [before actually moving here], we went to Parliament Hill to spend many hours standing in line, for the ultimate change to walk by the coffin of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

The Centennial Flame was right covered with roses, I tell ya!

Here's a tiny portion of the crowd. It was quite the crowd. But not like a Canada Day crowd.

Grade 8. The beginning of the end at Central Public School. I'm in the back row, beside Madame AWESOME White. SOMEHOW Elyse is in the BACK ROW on the other end. Rebecca is front row, white shirt. Her sister Athena is 4 people over.

We got our graduation pictures taken in the fall [which I don't understand, since you don't graduate until June]. I have nice ultra crooked bangs. Thanks for that. But HELLO, no lip biting! A worthy graduate, I was!

In the Christmas play, I was a Jewish boy named... ahem... Michael. Why on earth did I audition for THAT part? ... The great thing was that we did two shorter plays back to back that year. So many people auditioned that there were two entire casts for each play, so one cast did the afternoon performance, and the other cast did the night performance [the good one]. No one else auditioned for my role, so I was the only person in BOTH shows. I'm awesome.

At Christmas, we visited my uncle Jeff and his wife Judy, and Judy's mother Stella, who lived until 105. She was like 98 in this picture. My entire life, I never understood a word she was saying, but she was lovely.