Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Flashbacks: 2000 Part 1

Its a brand new millennium, and there are just too many pictures to cram into one year per week, so we're officially into the multi-part flashback posts! What a great way to extend this gimmick and have more future posts, since my other posts are sort of lacking these days!

We start the year with me winning my 2nd annual Royal Canadian Legion spelling bee, and Ella Box showering me with riches.

In June, Natalie and Elyse were part of our two-day class trip to Montreal, which was a repeat of the previous year's trip that we loved so very much.

We saw a piece of the Berlin Wall! [Why on earth was this trucked to Montreal?]

Here's an ultra blurry picture of us on the log ride at La Ronde, which totally broke down. You can kind of tell that all the logs rammed into each other [at the bottom of the hill that take you up before dropping you down and getting you all wet]. It was our last ride of the day, and this 20 minute incident made a bunch of us late for meeting the teacher to leave the park. It was good times.

Here are the coolest kids ever in the newspaper for selling school yearbooks. Hello, where was the newspaper article about the yearbook when I designed the cover? Huh? TELL ME!

The family and I trekked on down to Moncton town to watch the tide come in. When I was a child, we were there and it was a huge tide. This one was totally weak.

We continued on to Nova Scotia.

We watched the tide rise at the Hopewell Rocks, which was much more impressive.

We visited the fortress at Louisberg, which was educational AND fun!

We even saw tall ships!

We took the short ferry to Newfoundland.

In Newfoundland, you get off the ferry, and drive onto the DIRT ROAD Trans-Canada Highway. FAIL.

In St. John's, we saw the colourful houses and the constant rain.

What happens next in 2000? Did we make it home from Newfoundland alive? All this and more, next week!


Elyse said...

god what an awful picture of me :(

Darryl said...

Oooh, look at the colourful houses! me likey, me likey!

Anonymous said...


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