Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1999

Oh my god, its 1999! Unplug the computer and fear for the worst!

Renfrew Lions Club, year 2. Front row, starting at the left: Me, Lindsey, Riley, Rebecca and her super long hair.

Elyse, Rebecca and I made a poster in French about Scotland. It was a school thing, not just a nerd project. It was really cool back then. What a lame poster. LOL

As part of another assignment, which involved interviewing old people and then returning later to present our finding to those same old people, Kate and I rocked the bottom left picture in the newspaper. Our lady liked figure skating when she was younger, and had a nicely decorated walker.

My second appearance in the newspaper that year came when I schooled the rest of the kids in the Royal Canadian Legion Spelling Bee. Jodie had won the year before, and I knew I could beat her, so I signed up and kicked her ass. That's the year that Mando lost on the word "alien" which she totally should have known, as an X-Files buff. [HAH I said Mando is buff!] After this year, I went on to win the next 2 years as well, because I dominate.

In the summer, we took a fancy family vacation to Toronto which involved a side trip to Sudbury, where we went down in a nickel mine.

We also saw the big nickel. So much nickel! [well, its made of wood. whatever.]

This was the first year that our soccer league went all hockey and decided to have team photos. I'm in the back left. As a special treat, Danielle is totally in the front row on the right of the soccer ball. This may be my only picture of her even though I've known her for so many years!

I swear to god, sometime after Grade 7, I'll kick the habit of biting my lower lip in pictures. I promise.

This class picture is messed up. Short little Elyse is on the end of the second row and I'm front and center, looking like a dork [-1000 points for tearaway pants] with Rebecca to my right.

I made a third appearance in the newspaper that year [slow news year!] because I was a shepherd in the school Christmas play. Nice bath robe. I totally remember the songs from those plays. In that one, Alex had a solo that involved him singing "I'm not getting on that camel" ... it wasn't even my song, but we rehearsed so much, I'll never forget the lyrics.


Darryl said...

Ha! Le Loch Ness Monster... classic!

Bec said...

bah ok in the school picture that shirt is hideous and I LOVED it and still think all the time that was such a sweet shirt but really it was ugly! Remember how much we fought doing that Scotland project? I thought Ellie was going to kill us for fighting all the time lol

i am playing outside said...

lol yes, that was possibly the worst group project ever. so dramatic.

JennyMac said... the memory lane. And the poster is not lame. We had no photoshop then! I am laughing with you...and of course, biting my lower lip while I do. LOL!!!!!

i am playing outside said...

LOL JennyMac ... 5 points for your awesome comment. Oh, lip biting!

Elyse said...

OOh... I made it 2 times in this one... yay me!
I'm not getting on that camel, can't make me, I won't! Why oh why did they make us do those god damn plays. I don't even like Christmas... I blame the plays. Also another song was "Building blocks"
Yes indeed Rebecca I was very sick of being in the middle of you and Michael's many fighting matches! I think I was talking to Michael about that not very long ago.. or perhaps I dreamed that.
Michael - At least I'm tall enough to be in the second row and to have never owned tear-away pants! I remember wanting a pair but my mother was against them... Good for her! :)

boredmando said...

Actually I lost on the word carnival. Alien was just a practise word I got wrong because I was nervous and was rushing so I didn't have to be standing at the front any longer.

boredmando said...

The best part is that I was wearing my alien necklace at the time. I miss that thing.

i am playing outside said...

Elyse... I remember that song too. I could type it right here right now if I had to. LOL ... I remember getting my tearaway pants like 3 months after everyone else. LAME.

Darryl said...

tearaway pants! ha!!

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