Friday, July 10, 2009

The Folding

I know you're all wondering how my new job is going. Especially Elyse, who was begging to know in the comments yesterday.

Well, I like the job. Day 1 was spent folding boys and girls jeans. Day 2 I moved on to mens khakis, cargo and t-shirts. Day 3 I was in charge of two womens sections.

Day 4 was a 7am start, even though the store doesn't open until 9:30. Me, Other Mike, and two girls were tasked with moving an entire wall of mens jeans, and an entire wall oh khakis, and switching them. This was much harder than it sounds... First, there's keeping all the kinds of pants separated in order by size and colour. Then we had to rearrange all the shelving based on the small diagrams. The shelving system is difficult to rearrange, and sharp, and heavy.

Injuries were as follows:
Stephanie - banged her head on a metal bracket, I accidentally rammed a cart into her ankle.
Me - dropped a heavy shelf on my head, two cuts on my right calf, two cuts on my right arm, scraped a bunch of skin off my left middle finger which required bandaids for the large amount of blood.
Other Michael - a large stack of shelves fell over on his right foot, causing him to leave and go to the clinic. Poor guy. And poor rest of us for having to work harder to finish everything up. But it looked good!

I like the people I work with, and the job is fun. But the hours are pretty much crap, even when they say they'll get better, so I'm definitely still looking for a new job. Sadly.


Darryl said...

It will get better... whether it is another job and an increase in hours. Patience, my pet... patience!

Whiskeymarie said...

Ahhh...retail. I did it for 8 years and remember it well. I still have a pretty good scar on my thumb where a circular rack decided to slam down on it. Ouch.

Bec said...

who knew retail could be so dangerous! do you ever see those cray mannequins in action??

Elyse said...

yes retail is dangerous and dirty.. all those displays take a lot of work! surprisingly at my new job, I hit my head and smash into everything. I always come home with a fresh new bruise after a flight... no concussions yet though... that I know of. Sorry to hear you aren't getting many hours... maybe when all the summer students have left you'll get more.