Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1997

The Heaven's Gate Cult kicked their own bucket, robots reached Mars, Leo let go of Kate, Harry Potter was born, Mother Theresa died, and the world met two evils: Hanson and Pokemon. Hop in your time machine and join me in 1997.

Rusty Blades, round 2. I'm 3rd back left. Rebecca is front right end. Neon items all kept in the corners.

Here I am, curling at some bonspiel. I don't remember where. I do remember I was on a team with Casey, Kathryn and some random girl we picked up named Sam. She was weird. I don't know where that club was, but it seems dingy.

Alison and her shorts'n'boots prom date, Wes. He's got a pretty awesome tattoo of a frog jumping up his leg. His car broke down outside our house. Classy.

My mom used to babysit kids for a living [for 22 years!] which allowed me the joys of having my mom at home and not having to go to some loser babysitter's house LOL. This is Josh and Mistralle [sp?] [they're French]. RIDICULOUS FACT: Ten years later, Darryl teaches Josh in high school in Ottawa. WHAT!?

I just can't help posting pictures of my aunt Donna Lynn's huge bangs. And my 'aunt' Celine.

There's my uncle Larry [the in law, not the real uncle Larry] and my grandma!

Here is my aunt Judy featuring all of the patterns in the world.

Alison in her lengthy teen angst phase. Note the CONTACTS and lack of gigantic super glasses.

Aren't we such a fun, happy family?

This is a fun picture because after it was developed, we realized that I'm being cooked in a big cauldron LOL

Grade 5. I'm the boy in the striped shirt that is diagonally behind the girl in the striped shirt. That girl is Rebecca. Elyse is on the other end of Rebecca's row. Isn't this game fun?

My 10th birthday party, which was a logistical disaster. But it was a bowling party! Woo! You're looking at Rebecca, Richard, David, Me and Ben. I still talk to Rebecca and myself. 3 for 5 isn't bad.


Darryl said...

Yay for name-dropping! Another fun fact, I will be teaching Josh again next year, according to class listings - possibly Mistralle too, but I will know that in the second semester.

I like how your mom seems to be the only one "happy" in that pictures... such a nice smile at that.

Lindsay said...

ya I noticed the same thing, in your family pic your mom is the only happy one!! Alison looks ast though she might blow something up!