Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1996

Remember 1996? Dolly the sheep was born, Diana ditched Charles, terrorists blew up the 100th Olympics in Atlanta, JonBenet was murdered [by her parents?] and the element Ununbium was discovered [important! ... ?]

Welcome to week 10 of my past. Do y'all still care about the Flashbacks? Just remember, that if you don't, there are surely things in the background of pictures to laugh at. Find something! I dare you!

Rebecca getting her skates tied before the kids vs. parents hockey game.

We were on the Renferw Rusty Blades [named after the old timers team by the same name haha]. I'm back middle. My arm is touching Rebecca. She's beside my little cousin Andrew.

I don't know why they always made me bend my knees in like that.

In the summer, we went on vacation. To Manitoba.

And Saskatchewan.

And Alberta.

Where there was a moose on the lawn of our hotel.

But not the Banff Springs hotel. We only visited that.

Before heading to British Columbia.

My sister was there, and so was our Grand AM, and that bushy tree in the background.

In Stantley Park, Vancouver, we saw that rockin' old tree that is now dead but still being saved.

We hung out in a Rocky Mountain avalanche area.

I made some new friends on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver. We almost missed the last boat of the night, and would have been without car or luggage or hotel LOL

Grade 4 with Mrs. Kucharik. I'm back left. Nice shirt, loser. But Casey is rocking the double plaid, which is much worse. Rebecca is bottom right. Its great that the important people are always in parts of pictures easy to locate.

My shirt is different than the one in the class picture. Must have gotten retakes.

Here's my dad's family and their spouses and my grandma at my aunt Sharon's wedding. [Duration: 2 years]

Here's me and my cousins and my other grandma. What a sad lookin' bunch we are. Good lord.

Me and Laura playing with horsies. Good times.

And finally, a Merry Flinstone's Christmas, from my family to yours!


Bec said...

oh that was such a great team... i had sweet black and white skates that year too they were awesome!

i am playing outside said...

aren't most skates black and white? maybe some grey? mine always were!

and that WAS a great team... i remember we had an end of year party at the rec centre and there was pizza and cake. good times!

Darryl said...

what? pizza and cake?! Damn, I knew I shoulda played hockey!

Way to rock that Flinstones shirt... I had the same one. :P

Whiskeymarie said...

The striped shirt and freckles- too cute!

Elyse said...

was that shirt like a free give away thing... i think a lot of people had it