Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1995

Oh look, its 1995. Yahoo and eBay were born, OJ's gloves didn't fit, the invention of the DVD was announced, Quebec didn't separate, and Calvin and Hobbes retired.

I moved on up to the Renfrew Firefighters, but I totally didn't care, because I'm the only one not paying attention. Elyse is front and center, and Rebecca was a no show.

All sorts of awesome.

Grade 3 with Mrs. Stewart and her wig. I'm top left in the sexy stripes. The girl in the very middle is Tamara. She arrived in our class on picture day and somehow snuck into the center. Bitch. Rebecca and Elyse are tucked down in the bottom left corner.

Count the number of unique colours in this picture and win a prize!

Me with my aunt Donna Lynn and her wicked awesome hair sprayed bangs. I used to knock on them like I was at the door LOL.

My cousin Erik and his awesome corn snowboard. Merry Christmas.

My cousin Tommy, the one I did The Painting for. He still hasn't picked it up. LOL

And FINALLY, my sister got some new glasses. Do you like?


Bec said...

I was really sick that night and devastated that my parents made me miss the picture! That tamera girl also smelt funny...

i am playing outside said...

lol i was trying to be nice by not saying she smelled and was gross haha

katrocket said...

OMG - Tom Selleck coached your hockey team?!

and your sister's glasses rock, although not as hard as the purple 80s glasses.

i am playing outside said...

HAH! I was going to say that it was Jason Lee [My Name Is Earl]