Monday, July 27, 2009

The Dishes

On Wednesday afternoon, I got a voicemail about an interview. I went to that interview on Thursday at 3pm. I was on time but it started late, which gave me time to bond with one of the guys that works there. By 3:30pm, I was hired.

By 6pm, I had gone home, changed from interview clothes to crap, had a quick snack and bused back downtown to start my first shift. I'm officially the new dishwasher/minor food prep guy at Patty Boland's Irish Pub and Carvery in the market. Huzzah! Full time nights! Money! And likely the chance to be promoted fairly quickly. I was hired Thursday and I've already heard it mentioned twice.

I asked to be directed toward someone who would be in charge of me for the night, and I was pointed at Curtis.

Here I am with Curtis and some girl name Tia or something, in April 2007. I met Curtis in March of that year because he was dating my roommate Krista's friend Nyssa. I thought he was pretty cool, and wanted to stay friends with him. Naturally, they broke up soon after, and this picture was probably on the last night I ever saw him. UNTIL NOW. [I didn't even know his last name, so Facebook was of no help].

So of course, we saw each other and were like HEY! and my mind instantly went to *yay! I'll have a friend at work!*

Minutes later, I found out that Curtis would be working his last shift 3 days later. Because that's how my life works. But now I've got him on Facebook.

On Friday, I had to go to Old Navy to quit without notice, which I totally hated doing. I LOVED working there, even though it was only for a few weeks. I loved the staff there. Thankfully, I've got the best Old Navy kids on Facebook already as well. None of my favourites were working when I went in to quit, which was good, since I probably would have cried. Seriously. But with that said, I like the new job, and I feel financially stable for the first time in months, and I'm happy, and the people are nice there too. And the free meals help!

Now, I will leave you with this sort of picture of a random restaurant kitchen that I took somewhere in the market during last week's photo walk.


JVL said...

Man, your eyes are way smaller without your glasses, it's like Milhouse on the Simpsons.

i am playing outside said...

HAH ... the guys at work said that when my glasses are off, I look like a stoner, but I'm normal when they're on.

Whiskeymarie said...

Welcome to the restaurant world, my dear. I think you'll enjoy it. Word of advice- buy band-aids. You'll probably need them.

i am playing outside said...

But I don't want bandaids! *cries* lol

I was indeed informed that when I'm digging in the big bad clogged sink, there could be broken glass in there. If I didn't put it in there, why would it be in there!? LOL

i am playing outside said...


Erinn said...

Congrats on the job. ENJOY THE LONG BUS RIDE!!! Hey, you'll also have great opportunities for night photography after work!

i am playing outside said...

Its a bus ride I've been taking for like a year. I'm very much used to it. It juts sucks that instead of them knowing that it takes less time for the route at night, they stop a billion times.

stacy said...

congratulations! you'll love the industry.