Friday, June 5, 2009

The Visits

On Sunday, Darryl and I slowly got ready for the day, and then headed to No Frills to pick up a few groceries for me, which I was unable to find at home [mom loaded me up with quite a good selection of groceries by cleaning out her cupboards... normally I'd have to do that myself, but this time she willingly searched... she even packed the bags!] We ended up running into Mando's mom at the store, which makes sense because you're not allowed to bring someone new to Renfrew without her meeting them LOL

Next, we headed to Tim Horton's for a little snack. Then we went out to Burnstown to visit Alison and see her new apartment, which is very nice, two floors, and right by a stream. Very cool!

Here is Alison striking a lovely pose in her new living room.

Then Darryl and I got in on the action.

Mom called Alison and told her she was back from a day at the lake, so Darryl and I flew back to town, picked her up, and we headed over to see grandma for a little bit.

Hey look, its us!

Finally, dad drove Darryl and I back to Ottawa. Darryl's first trip to Renfrew was a success!


katrocket said...

Way to go Daryl!

Darryl said...

I know, right! RENFREW ROCKS!

Bec said...

Yaaa for Darryl surviving his first visit :) Also Alison's new place is lovely!