Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Old Apartment

On Saturday, while Darryl and I were hangin' out with the GG, Mando was movin' on up. For some reason, people generally trust my judgement... she moved into the building I lived in last year with Tim. The apartments have SO MUCH SPACE, and they're Transitway adjacent!

Since she'd been in Ottawa several hours, Mando was obviously bored. Darryl and I headed over to her place, where we spotted this lovely moon over the canal. Sadly, my camera's flash is apparently SO AWESOME that it lit the entire world, and this picture turned out much brighter than expected.

While we waited for Mando to come to the lobby to get us, I showed Darryl my old apartment [door] and snapped a sweet shot of my old mailbox. Oh, how I checked that mailbox.

We went upstairs and got the official tour of the apartment, and then of the enclosed sunroom/balcony thing, which pretty much has the best view of any apartment I've been in in Ottawa. She's got a full 180 degrees. She can even look at the building Darryl will be moving into on Saturday. Interestingly enough, I can look across the city at Darryl's building as well. But not Mando's... there's another building blocking it.

Sadly, the view includes direct looking at the slums 20 feet away. But I think seeing the river, downtown, green space and even Parliament Hill is a pretty fucking good view, and it makes up for the slum view.

That night, Michelle and Marc came over and I've just realized now that I was actually in a group of friends that had more guys than girls. This may have been the first time since birth. We were ultra random and did a puzzle, and then played a game. Apparently until 4:30am. Then we still had to walk home. Blah!

It shall be nice to have Amanda in Ottawa. Yay!


boredmando said...

Um hello, you forgot to mention that we also burned candles! That was an event all itself.

My bookcase is still turned upside down on my two tables, but I put all the candles away in case someone comes in and is like wtf.

After using the bookcase I realize the table top I have at home probably isn't as big as I thought, so I informed mother I need a large flat surface for puzzles. Let's see if she can find me one.

boredmando said...

ALSO, I totally love that song by the Barenaked Ladies. I think it's my favourite by them.

i am playing outside said...

LOL the candles! I can really only remember the things in the pictures sometimes. I laugh that you put them away due to people finding it bizarre

I thought of referencing the song, which is totally good, but song references aren't really my blog style. Its your thing. Boo LOL

Whiskeymarie said...

I've always wanted to live somewhere with a view...of anything. Sigh.

Great pics!

i am playing outside said...

Even people who live in cardboard boxes cut holes for windows so they can look out at SOMETHING. You should do that with your box!

God that came out much dirtier than planned.