Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Horseshoes

On Friday, my dad came to Ottawa to pick up Darryl and I to bring us home to Renfrew. I was slightly horrified about my dad meeting Darryl. They didn't say much, but the fact that my dad spoke to Darryl at all was a good sign LOL. We got to my mom's house at the exact time that everyone under the sun was on their way out of the house. Mom was doing the Relay for Life with family and friends, and some people had met up there before they left. We did quick hellos and then they left us with the house and some pizza. Yum!

We hung out until 9, when Mando was ready to go to Tim Horton's, where we met Jenny and her friend Jess from school.

Melaine was totally at Tim Horton's with her family, which included a rare appearance from her brother Andrew, who is RCMP in Manitoba. I didn't get a picture of him [I'm so dumb!] but you can see him in about ten weeks when my Flashback posts hit 2002 LOL

After Tim Horton's, Jenny and Jess headed back to the boonies, and Amanda and I gave Darryl the full tour of Renfrew, including a trip to the Swinging Bridge. I love it. Due to all the swinging.

After we dropped Amanda off at home, Darryl and I headed out to Ma-Te-Way Park where the Realy for Life was still in full swing. As soon as we got there, the rain started [they never have good weather for the event] so we listened to music in the car for a little while, but at 2am it was still raining. We got out and ventured over to mom's team's tent, where we said hi to the team, and then walked some laps and chatted with mom. Eventually, we went home.

On Saturday afternoon, Amanda picked us up, and we headed off to Stephanie's house. They wanted to play horseshoes, so I brought my dad's set along. It was great fun, and Darryl and I were the big winners [obviously].

I showed Lindsay how to throw a shoe gracefully.

Darryl totally cheated by going over the line. Just because all you foreign readers are dying to know, that's Ma-Te-Way Park in the background. Hooray for sports complexes!

Kristin apparently also cheated. Look at that horseshoe fly! I knew this event would make for some good pictures!


Jess got low for her throw. I'm sorry that rhymed.

Rebecca's throw looks like its not going to land anywhere near close to the peg. Poor girl.

Jenny fucking rocked it!

And Stephanie clearly had a "what the hell?" shot.

To be continued [Thursday]...


Darryl said...

I swear I didn't cheat, and I can only assume it's the same thing that the others with "cheat like" pictures are saying. It's all about the angle!!

Had great fun with that... Why not Bocce pictures? Is it because I won? *sad face*

i am playing outside said...

just because there's an angle doesn't mean you're clearly still a foot-length over the line. maybe you're forgetting that i have a spectacular knack for spatial sence? i'm right :P

Darryl said...

well, you must take my apparent lack of spatial sense in account... I am not saying you are "right", but I am saying that you are likely "not wrong"!