Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1994

Remember 1994? It was the International Year of the Family AND the International Year of Sport and the Olympic Ideal. Good then that I've got some hockey and family pictures for you. Apparently, 1994 was a short year. Enjoy!

I moved on up to Junior Novice, leaving the Bumblebees behind for Kevin's Welding and Iron Works. Oddly enough, the jersey represented a bumblebee more than the jersey i wore while I was a Bumblebee. I'm front row, far left.

Look how cute I was. My dad even used orange tape on my socks, to sort of match the uniform. LOL

We headed on down to Detroit to visit some relatives, including my great aunt Anne. This first visit was to her beautiful huge home in Grosse Pointe [her kids also live there in their beautiful huge homes]. The second time, she was in a beautiful huge old age home. The third, she was in a coffin. It was beautiful and regulation size [I recall it was blue]. She was a great lady.

Back to Ontario, to Renfrew's booming suburbs: Cotieville. Here I am at Grandma's with my cousin Lisa. I'm missing one teeth, she's apparently missing the whole set.

Grade 2 featured this radical class picture, in which they were too lazy to make us all line up. I'm in the middle, flanked by the mushroom cuts of Rebecca C and David. Mando is the first girl in the top row [non-teacher] and Natalie is rockin' a sweet side-pony.

What's this? my hands on an atlas? My destiny as a geographer begins here. Or possibly it began with all those trips I took before this point.


Darryl said...

Hmmm, funny... my grade 2 pic is also with an atlas, and also has that odd non-lined up class picture thing going on...

Bec said...

Oh Lisa she use to tell the best/ accidentally funny stories ever when we worked together at the theatre!

Whiskeymarie said...

Adorable! The bowl cuts- holy hell, those are awful. Poor kids- I hope they're faring better in the hair department these days.

i am playing outside said...

well, david moved away in grade 10 and his facebook profile is circa 2006 [loser] but its at least shorter hair. rebecca's is nicer now.