Monday, June 22, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1993

As promised, on the heels of 1992, comes Flashback 1993. For those of you playing at home, that's 1 more than 1992. This year had a LOT of great vacation pictures, but the post would have been huge, so sadly there weren't that many included. We're all caught up now, and I promise Flashbacks will go back to Sundays as scheduled! Enjoy!

I loved being a Bumblebee so much that I went for round 2. White team again. You can differentiate between 1992 and 1993 by the colour of the T-shirt at the neck.

This was at my grandma's birthday. Most of the pictures from that day were crappy. There was one of my aunt wearing a toy fire fighter helmet. It almost made the cut. Anyway, these are my great aunts: Sister Clare [she was the rockin'est nun aunt ever] and Dorothy.

Here I am wearing my fabulous dinosaur hat from school. Best hat ever. Even better than the Teddy Bear Picnic hat, and then [sadly] unphotographed 7 Little Ducks hat.

Me getting ready to go to said Teddy Bear Pinic. Hat to follow.

Nothing says PICNIC quite like a school gym. Here I am, clearly assaulting Amanda S's dress. Must have been some nice fabric. I'm such a creeper. Also, Adam has elastic pants, and Elyse still looks the same [she even wears that dress sometimes LOL].

There's my bear! Yay! ... Mrs. Delahunt has a death grip on me. On the left is Mrs. Lecuyer, and in the middle is some TA or something, possibly named Julie?

Me and bear again. Featuring bear placemats. I miss those oldschool clipart programs that printed the pixely greeting cards and banners. So much colouring!

One random day, we packed up the car and drove on down to my aunt Frances' house in Pembroke. Here I am in loser overalls, with Alison, Alison's Glasses, and my cousin Erik.

We got sick of Erik, so we headed out west. If you blow up this picture [click!] you can see Dad and I standing on top of the hoodoo in the centre. Who doesn't love Drumheller, Alberta?

We also hung out on a glacier in the Athabasca ice field. It was cold. The crevasses were deep. Good times. Must return.

We went to Lake Louise. Its the Louiseiest!

Then we came home and I was hurried off to Grade 1. Still with Mrs. Delahunt. 3 years with one teacher is crazy, yo! And now she wouldn't even remember me to see me. Seriously. I've said hi to her. She remembers my mom and sister though. Lame! Clearly, blue was in that year. I'm the blue shoelaces. One of the few shoe tiers. Good for me. Sitting beside my neighbour Lorraine, and Mando is rockin' a sweet vest.

My smile kills all others. Or something. And that's 1993!


boredmando said...

Ew, that was the year of my gross under-the-lip licked-too-much rawness. That's the reason why I now put lip chap on every five minutes. Oh so gross.

i am playing outside said...

hah, i didn't notice that. you're disgusting! :P

Bec said...

I have duck hat pictures! I should post them :)

i am playing outside said...

PLEASE post the duck hat pictures!

Elyse said...

I actually do still have that dress... my mom kept it for some reason, although I don't think it will fit anymore