Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1992

Please, dear reader, use your imagination to travel back in time, to Sunday, June 14, 2009. Pretend that on that day, I followed through with my weekly commitment to flash back to my childhood through photographs, rather than waste the entire week by not doing it. Well, I've got some time to kill before Darryl wakes up, so here it is: 1992 in all its glory! And just because you're special, I will play catch-up tonight when I get home, and give you 1993 as well. I'm sure you're looking forward to that!

This was possibly the first year that dad built me a sweet awesome hockey rink in the back yard. It wasn't properly shaped, but it encompased every possible inch of our yard, minus that area it cut around a tree LOL. It was great.

The Bumblebees called me up, requiring my sweet skills. You'd better believe I won a trophy for something that year!

Here starts some pictures from my aunt Donna Lynn and uncle Cecil's wedding. I think they look younger now. Oh old pictures.

Naturally, I was the most adorable child in existence. And still am.

This is Dad's family. Grandma, the brothers and sisters, their spouses and kids. There have since been additions.

I win this fashion show. This is the fam. Alison's glasses and Dad's boutenier were competing for the prize of Biggest Object Ever.

Moving right along, this is Rebecca C (not to be confused with D) and I doing a Beauty and the Beast puzzle. Best movie ever. Clearly we did all the parts with pictures, and left all the hard crap. Good job. I recall a similar Aladdin puzzle. Those were sweet big puzzles.

Here I am out of my natural habitat. That's me on a beach, guys! Welcome to Cavendish Beach in PEI.

I even got to play in the Atlantic Ocean. I believe we saw jellyfish.

I'm on a ferry!

Here I am, waiting for the bus on my first day of Senior Kindergarten. Thanks for staying a hall-and-kitchen length away, mom. I could have used your moral support. LOL just kidding. I loved school.

Here is the class picture. For convenience, my readers are easy to locate. Mando and Rebecca D are wearing red leggings. I am standing above Rebecca on the far right. Elyse is at the top of the staircase that I'm at the bottom of. NOTE: The next class waiting for their picture to be taken, over by the swings. Well done, people.

Finally, here is the official Michael shot of 1992. Adorable.


Bec said...

Umm I think Alison's sleeves should also be in that competition!!!!!! Also I have a similar picture of me on the first day of school and my mom took the picture through the front door. Third and last, that damn class trying to sneak into our picture, those jerks!

Bec said...

oh one last think Bec C has the best mushroom cut ever here, she should probably go back to that style!

i am playing outside said...

She should go BACK to that hair style? She practically just left it! She had it forever! haha

And yes, those are quite the sleeves lol

boredmando said...

Oh snap, I love our red legs! I'm surprised that I'm not wearing a red headband and red shoes to go with the red and white shirt. Mom was slacking that year.

We also have a huge moms family picture from the first wedding, but I'm not allowed to put it on THE INTERNET (dun dun dun!). Mom fears having her picture online, for whatever crazy reason shes cooked up in her head.

boredmando said...

Jenny and Cheryl kinda creep me out in that picture. Why so glum chum?

i am playing outside said...

Its a wedding. Glum city, yo!