Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1991

Remember 1991? A palindrome year. Pretty sweet. I mean seriously, we had 1991, then 2002, and the next one will be in 2112, so I really hope y'all enjoyed 1991. I know I did.

Here I am, a champion of the Royal Bank's colouring contest. I'm the non-Asian male in the photo. This was worthy of the newspaper. That's why Renfrew rocks. I won $10 for colouring a log cabin scene.

This was the year I started school. I loved school back then! My first memory of life is from the day where you go with your parent to meet with the teacher to see if you're useless or not. I was not. That's why I've got this picture.

This was my class. Some of my readers can be found in this picture. Nice to know people for so long!

I also got a big boy bed. I don't know what I slept on before this. I'm thinking my baby crib was one of those ones that have removable sides that becomes a bed. When I was 5ish, I often woke up in the morning by falling out of bed. I've always been an edge sleeper.

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

THIS is where it all began. 1991 is when I started playing outside. For those of you who haven't been reading my blog that long, this picture used to be my blog logo, and is obviously where the name came from. THE MORE YOU KNOW *shooting star*

This is another drawing of myself from that same year. Clearly I was a skeleton back then. This one is so not as cool as the other, but I thought people might enjoy it.


Bec said...

I remember kindergarten when your body was just a head and legs whenever you would go outside lol.

Sornie said...

Wow, you were younger than I was in 1991 - I officially feel old.

i am playing outside said...

Bec, to be fair, I also had feet... one of them being a lightning bolt. LOL

Sornie, I'm younger than everyone else on earth. Always have been, always will be. Its ok. Don't be sad.

Darryl said...

best. drawings/paintings. ever. I used to refuse to draw, and would write instead. True story. In fact, I did poorly in Art when I was in kindergarten for that very reason - mother can go at lengths about all that.

Side note: my Language skills (French) were excellent - go me!

katrocket said...

I remember when that drawing used to be your blog header - I had no idea you drew it when you were a kid. I miss it a little bit, so I'm glad you posted it again. :)