Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Catch Up

Oh look, its me.Welcome back, Michael.

Where have I been lately? Clearly, everywhere but here.

Saturday was the big help Darryl move to his new apartment day. I got to drive a U-Haul, which is enjoyable since I will jump at any chance I get to drive. We didn't get to park close to his building, so there was a lot of walking, and he had way more stuff than anyone thought. This was not good for my foot which had been in pain for a week. The farther I walk, the more it hurts. That really sucked.

We got to the new place and Mando showed up to help us move in, and she stayed there to greet the internet/cable guy while we were gone to return the truck. The move went smoothly. Then we all did some unpacking and TV watching and pizza eating. Good times.

Sunday was spent watching TV all day, since my foot was in pain.

Monday, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to get my foot looked at, since it was potentially fractured. As I waited in the hospital, I was mentally blogging the time in my mind. I had a whole layout of what times various things happened, including funny things from the people around me. But as the hours dragged on, my mind died. I read 130 pages of my book. When I arrived, the wait time listed on the board was 4-5 hours. Then 9 hours. Then 10-12 hours.

I got to the hospital at 3:30pm. At 7pm, I got a hot chocolate and cookies at Tim Hortons. At midnight, I got a bottle of water and a chocolate bar at the vending machine. At 1:10am, they called my name. I was moved to the emergency room. The nurse told me I could take a nap, so I did. An hour later, the doctor woke me up. We chatted. Shortly after, an orderly came to take me for an X-Ray. He walked fast which sucked to keep up on my SORE FOOT. X-Ray was fast and fun, then I had to run back to my area with the orderly. Eventually the doctor returned, with a verdit of no fracture, but a prescription to pick up the next day for my inflammation and such. On my way out, I asked him the time. 3:30am. 12 hours in the fucking hospital. Buses no longer running. Walk home on your sore foot. Good times.

In more exciting news, I was selected from Round 1 of the Coke contest to become a Torch Bearer for the Vancouver Olympics. Please be excited with me. Round 2 [of 2!] involves writing a 200-220 word story about how I help the environment. I had a week to submit it, but I did it last night. I'm never one to leave things. By August 5, I should know if my super awesome dream will come true. I have a 1 in 10 shot at winning. I'm hoping that my odds will be increased by people who have lost interest, or don't want to write the story LOL. Think good thoughts for me!

I know I owe y'all a Flashback for Sunday, so I'll get on that later. Have a good day!


Kerri said...

I hear the foot pain....
Get well soon :)

Bec said...

all sunday I was waiting for the flashback and it never happened! Hope your foot feels better soon :)

i am playing outside said...

ya, i usually pre-write a couple flashbacks to post themselves in the coming weeks. didn't get around to it this time haha. i'll do one tonight i promise!

James said...

So Canada's health care system isn't one big utopia of cheap viagra and medical pot? Well, I'll be damned...

Congrats on the torch bearer spot. That would be really cool...well, in Vancouver. The harassment the torch bearers got in Beijing kind of annoyed me. How is terrorizing random people who just want to carry the torch going to free Tibet? Oh won't!

May your torch bearing stint be nothing but joy and light.

i am playing outside said...

James ... I didn't get it yet, I've just moved onto the final round of being a potential torch bearer. But I will take your wishes of good luck :D lol Thanks!!

And no, the healthcare system is not a utopia. Yes you will be seen for free. Eventually.