Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Bocce

On Saturday, after we played horseshoes, we played bocce. It was great fun! I've played before, but never with these people! LOL

Darryl vs. Michael vs. Kristin vs. Lindsay

Mando claims a photo similar to this to be our sweet album cover for our sweet band. If only we had a band. And an album.

And here we are, at the end of the game, with Darryl about to win. He was a true Olympian that day!

We then headed up to the deck because yo, it was BBQ time! Jenny and Jess were clearly excited for food.

Of course, before the real food begins, there must be wicked awesome dip for chips.

Kristin was all like 'psh, I'm out of here' and left us for a wedding. But she came back later. I promise.

It just so happened that the day was Stephanie's 22nd Birthday... this was not why I planned to go to Renfrew that weekend, but it was a nice gesture, no?

The best part of it being Stephanie's birthday was that she had an ice cream cake. I have been craving ice cream cake for like 3 years. No lie. I was so fucking happy!

I managed to grab this sweet pic of Darryl and Amanda. Seriously a good picture of Amanda that she better not hate, cuz I'm not taking it down! lol

The rest of the night was spent playing board games, which was absolutely funtastic. I strongly recommend Apples To Apples, as well as Things In A Box.


stacy said...

love the bocce ball!

ahhhh summer.

i am playing outside said...

i love summer until it gets too hot. then i'm sad. LOL