Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Non-Tour

Friday afternoon, I told Darryl I was going to hop in the shower and then head over to his place for supper. Naturally, I got to that after spending a good half hour setting up and taking the picture below. Quatchi wanted it that way.

He looked fantastic.

On Saturday, we planned on going on the BC Scene Jane's Walk. Jane's Walk is a bunch of different free walking tours that happened this weekend in Ottawa, and we were going to do the one about things British Columbia has done for Ottawa. We showed up at

the Olympic clock, which is very BC-related. We waited around a bit, and I took

a lovely picture of Center Block, because the Hill was booming. In fact, the entire downtown was packed.

We waited and finally asked a guy with a flag and a clipboard if he was there for our tour. He was there, but the tour was not. The guide hurt her ankle or knee or something, and that tour was cancelled. He put us on the waiting list for the Sunday tour. We walked around downtown and ate gelato.

*Insert fiasco of choice involving Darryl's loser roommate here>*

On Sunday, everything in the world took too long, so we didn't end up making it to our walk. Sad. Oh well. We had a lovely weekend!

Next week I promise we will go to the Tulip Festival, and there will be lovely pictures. The tulips can't break their legs and you can't be late for them, so we should be good! Huzzah!


Tim said...

oh so that's what you meant by "fancy walk" I thought you were going to wear feathers and strut around the park.

I have already been to the tulip festival though, no sense in all of us going!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I have days where everything seems to take too long and the best thing to do is just give up, sit down, shut up and have a cocktail and some nibbly things. Hopefully you won't have to wait to long for those too. On second thought better to carry a flask of gin and a package of cheese crackers on your person at all times.

i am playing outside said...

LOL nibbly things. Now I want a snack! And a drink! *gets wasted and downs a bag of chips*

Darryl said...

gotta love those roommate fiascos! :P