Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Little Birdie

Lately I have been busy and lazy and not busy and bored. Whatever I was, I haven't been in much of a blogging mood. Possibly because I don't do that much.

I definitely watched much of the entire series of Jon & Kate Plus 8 over the weekend, since Darryl went to Sudbury to visit his family, and TLC had a marathon. I've always been against that show, but goodness it is actually quite good and addictive.

I've also been keeping up with my reading and going to class and applying for jobs. No one is ever going to hire me.

Here is a picture of traffic coming at me. God bless medians.

On Tuesday before class, Darryl and I went to look at an apartment for him. We found a lovely place that is being somewhat renovated and is a little cheaper than their original quote. He's taking it! Woo! ... It will be a little less direct for me to bus there, but oh well. LOL Its not too much worse.

We had some time to kill before I went to class, and I was hungry, so we grabbed very delicious sandwiches at La Bottega. We took them to eat in a courtyard in the market, which is what you do with such sandwiches.

There were little birdies all around us. Cute!

We will be going to Renfrew for the weekend for general hanging out [which will mean fun pictures next week, I promise!] and so Darryl and meet the home friends. Last night my dad agreed to drive us, which in turn means that he agrees to meet Darryl. Good lord, wish us luck. This may be my last post. LOL


Bec said...

jobs are over rated anyways... pshhh

Darryl said...

me scared...

not of the friends, but of the father.

(and jobs are over-rated... and you will get one, don't worry about it)!

Kerri said...

It's going to be fine guys!
I promise!
Have a great weekend :)

ps. TOTALLY jealous of your sandwich... I LOVE that place! Mmmmm

Elyse said...

psht... not all home friends will be there... most importantly me! hope you have a great weekend... i'm sure your father will not kill you :)