Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Interview

Well, its been a few days. I haven't had much to say. There's been a hell of a lot of rain lately.

My class has continued to go well. There are now only 4.5 weeks left! How sad! I'm having a great time there. The readings lately have been a little less exciting than the first was, but I'm living through them. Two readings a week isn't too horrible.

I've also continued applying and applying to jobs, and it finally paid off. Well, not technically... a job I applied to a good month ago called me today. I have an interview for a GIS position on Wednesday! Wish me luck! I'll need it! .. the job is right downtown, which would be fantastic.

Last night, Nathan came over and we watched the season 5 finale of Lost. There aren't enough words to describe how epic it was. It was quite enjoyable to watch along with someone. I generally watch TV alone, but this episode was so insane that it was nice to have someone to shout OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT!? to LOL

Then, I downloaded the episode and watching it when I woke up today. And it was still amazing. You must all watch the entire series immediately. You have until January before the last season starts. Hurry up!


Darryl said...

Once again - congrats and good luck!
And it better be worth all those hours of catching up! *shakes fists*

Kerri said...

I have honestly never watched an episode of Lost ever.
It's simply too late for me now.

Keep me posted on the job interview!! :-)

Kerri said...

ps. GOOD LUCK!!! :-)