Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1990

Apparently, 1990 was a very short year for me. Here are the pictures:

Photoshoot with the sister and the glasses? Who WOUDLDN'T want to participate?

Best snowman ever? I think so. I assume those random branches at the bottom eventually became arms.

This picture is a good example of gentrification in Renfrew. That big ugly shed in the neighbour's yard is now a lovely deck with a privacy fence so we don't have to look at the people who now live there [I think that house is on its 6th set of owners in my lifetime... I guess we're terrible neighbours].

See my versatility? I can play outside in both winter AND summer. This is at my grandma's house, where I was sitting on that sweet cement thing that us kids used to sit on whilst playing with the sand [and apparently bigish rocks].

True story: The cement block has since been covered over by a large deck. If you've learned anything from this post, its that you do not want to be photographed with me, because a deck will be built on top of you instantly.


boredmando said...

That snowman looks HUGE. My dad once built me this MASSIVE slide one winter, that was even taller than him. Of course, now even I'm taller than my dad, so it was probably only like two feet high lol.

Elyse said...

what's with the asian writing??

boredmando said...

Spam. Asian Spam.

i am playing outside said...

i've now deleted the asian spam.

and yes, that's a rockin' huge snowman.

amanda, i'm jealous of your snow slide. i didn't have a snow slide. i had to slide down the snowman :( lol