Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1989

Welcome to Michael 1989.

My Uncle Stan married my now-Aunt Jeanne, and there was obviously a partay. Here I am with my cousins. I'm being held by my bonus cousin Ian. He's a bonus cousin because he's too old for me to count him. I don't consider him a relative. Wanna move away before I get any kind of old? Go for it buddy.

Grandma and Momma competed in the Flashy Shirt 1989 contest. Voting for the winner is still open!

Apparently Uncle Stan had braces, which he brought with him all the way from Alberta. Wanna move away? Go for it. At least he visits every couple years. Ya hear that Ian?

Cheryl, Gary and Jenny. People I know [see: Amanda] will enjoy this.

I was skinny!

And I totally loved talking on the phone back then. Not so much now.

Look how cute I was!

Obligatory picture of Me and Alison and Alison's Glasses.

Riding on cars with my cousin Andrew. To see him all growed up, look HERE!

Finally, I turned 2. Come back next week to see if I was terrible! [Not bloody likely... such an angel]


Bec said...

Awww adorable little boy! Alison's glasses could have their own album I think. Also you mom totally gets my vote for flashest shirt :)

Elyse said...

I vote grandma.

Problem with your cousin ian???

Darryl said...

I vote mom!

I find that some of your pictures look like mine... except you have a phone one... No one has ever pictured me talking on the phone...such a rare occurence.

i am playing outside said...

i don't know how i'm actually sitting on the chair in the phone one. it looks like im not even on it lol.

legend has it that i just got on the chair and picked up the phone, so they took a picture of it lol

Darryl said...

yeah, it looks like you are in between the chair and the phone table... you're like super baby or some thing!

i am playing outside said...

yay! i AM super baby!

katrocket said...

You're adorable -- both then and now. That phone pic slays me!