Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1988

Welcome to my life, circa 1988. It should be noted that these Flashbacks are also going to be horrifying accounts of my sister's appearance as she grew up. For that, and for her gigantic glasses, I do apologize.

Grandma and her favourite grandchildren [like that's a hard competition. Y'all should meet the other contenders!]

The glasses gave me a balloon! I love it when she gives me Giant Tiger balloons!

Here I am, completely disinterested in my cousins.

This is my first trip ever... to Toronto! [Duh, look at the Canadian Geese as the waterfront!]

Where's my friggin' cookie!?

This is me with my wicked awesome stuffed lamb I got when I was born. I love it.

My first birthday was a rockin' one. But that blond hair is gross.

Alison's 10th birthday. Such a bad picture.

Ex-Aunt Brenda and Alison are rockin' some sweet sweet hairdos.

For Christmas, I got this amazing Fisher Price bulldozer. Wish I still had it.

Head to toe, I looked fan-fucking-tastic. Best shoes ever. Merry Christmas to you all.

I always loved my grandma's popcorn shirt.

For New Years, they decided to start me on my little gay journey. Thanks.

And now, I've recreated my favourite picture. I'll never be without my little lamb...


boredmando said...

Oh my . . . I was going through this all "Awww look at little mykl" but then I got to the last picture, and now I will have nightmares for the rest of my life.

My Baby is currently on my wee rocking chair from childhood. Though shes currently being abused, I have a plate on her lol

Tim said...

your 1988 christmas picture was the clear winner here, the "silence of the lambs" re-enactment was suitably freaky

Bec said...

first of all your sister is clearly what every 80s/90s tv show based their young female characters off of, that picture of her blowing out the birthday candles ridiculous!!! 2nd you were a pretty baby (you still are too lol)
third love the lamb though the recreation shot scares me
4th does your sister have naturally curly hair or was that a perm because her hair is always so straight and pretty!

i am playing outside said...

mando - abusing your baby? tsk tsk. but that's still adorable. lol

bec - alison's hair is totally naturally curly like that. crazy curls. her hair is more chemical than hair LOL

and you all know you LOVE the recreation.