Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1987

If Lost has taught me anything, its that Flashbacks are all the rage. They are also a great way of filling in a person's back story. Duh. And since Sundays are generally boring, I figured that they would be a good day for a lengthy series of posts to bring you up to speed on my life before I started this blog. Each week, I'll give you a scanned glimpse of a year [1987-2004]. Then, I bought a digital camera, and the amount of pictures I took increased dramatically, so it may become more of a month by month thing from 2005-August 2007 when I started this blog. Because I don't want you to miss any important details when you write my biography.

I was born on November 4, 1987 at 3:10am. That was one of my favourite moments that day. I remember it well.

32 days later, the folks took me for a spin around the block to get me dipped. Or have water poured on me. Some jackass with blond hair [probably my cousin Erik] get in the way.

I did my best 'mime trapped in a box' impression while surrounded by my Uncle Dennis [the godfather], Mommy, Daddy and my Aunt Frances [the godmother].

Later that day, I was passed off to my sister. I didn't like it then, and I still don't like it when she picks me up like that.

At Christmas, I hung out with my grandma and my cousins. There's one girl I don't know in that picture. She was in another picture too. What happened to mystery girl? And who knocked out the teeth of my male cousins?

By the time the year was over, it was clear that I was an alien baby. I wish my eyes were still like that.


Bec said...

pure hilariousness

i am playing outside said...


Elyse said...

o god your sister is going to hurt you for posting that pic of her... she's has such beautiful glasses. I'm loving the very 80s-ness of your baptism picture... made me giggle. Luckily, I never had to have some guy poor water on my head... i don't think babies enjoy it very much.

i am playing outside said...

i'm 99% sure those glasses still exist. i'll try to find them at my mom's. i know where they are if they're still there :D

Kerri said...

Hahaha. This is great!

katrocket said...

This is wonderful stuff, but it makes me feel SO OLD. I was filling out my university applications on the day you were born.