Friday, May 8, 2009

The Father And Sons

On Thursday afternoon, I headed on down to the Rideau Center to meet Lindsay, Jenny and Kristin. Visitors from home! Exciting!

We wandered around the mall for a couple hours. Lindsay is the only one of us with a job, so the rest of us were too poor to buy anything. Then Lindsay checked her bank account, which had like 32 bucks in it. Way to be, homeowner.

After a while, I trekked us to the South end of campus so I could meet a girl from Facebook who was on her way to class. She needed a textbook. I had a textbook. She had $50. After a bit of waiting in a bit of rain, the girl arrived, and I was slightly richer [of course, the textbook I had bought the day before cost $58 so I am technically still a little in the textbook hole.

The rain started picking up slightly, so we hurried our way to Father & Sons aka F&S for some good eats. It was drizzling rain when we entered, and by the time we sat down at our window-adjacent table, it was pouring like crazy. Well timed!

After a delicious dinner, I walked the girls back across campus. They were headed for the car at the Rideau Center. A ledge outside Simard took our picture, and the visit was over.

I headed to class, which was awesome. The class I'm taking is so good. Its kind of sad that it wont last very long. There was also enjoyable chatter with Nathan and his friends Jeff and Stephanie, who I apparently "fit in well" with. Huzzah!

Today was promising thunder storms. I took this picture of the looming grey sky. There was thunder, but no storms. It even got sunny. NOTE: It is now several hours later, and there is a lot of lightning, but no thunder or storms. The weather is being a freak.

Finally, I have deemed this particular item Facebook's worst suggestion ever. Period.


Kerri said...

Hahahahaha! OH MY GOD!
Yes. I agree. WORST idea ever.

i am playing outside said...

My mom thankfully has no interest in Facebook, and my sister and I have already threatened her. LOL