Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The EC

No, MuchMusic fans, I'm not talking about Electric Circus.

Even thought watching other people dance to crappy music was one of the best shows ever aired.

Last night, I met my friend Nathan for dinner at Elephant and Castle, since it had been an entire week since my last dinner there. Longtime readers may remember him from The Gravel Pit.

We were both late, but I was most late. Buses have not been my friends lately. I hadn't seen him since December, when Quaternary Geology ended. We chat online periodically, and they're always rockin' good chats, but he was super busy with his co-op term the past few months, so we haven't hung out. But now, he is in my summer class, so we decided to get together for food before class and catch up.

We had a great chat. And I really like that restaurant. Both times I've been there lately, the meal lasts a long time because the conversation is too good to allow for fast eating. God knows it can't be the PEOPLE who are cool. Gotta be the restaurant!

Our server was weird though. He kept trying to make weird jokes that we didn't get. And he was slow. And they gave me salad instead of fries. Which was delicious anyway. Always a tough choice there. But anyway...

After food, we toured around the mall for a bit, and then headed across campus to the crap building that our class is in. He sat with his other friends [lameass] and I sat with Dave. The seats were comfy although the rows were close together. The room seems to not be air conditioned, which will possibly be bad, although the class is only in the evenings and only until mid-June, so it shouldn't be TOO bad. Tavares didn't make me fall asleep, and the one assignment will be easy since I did the same assignment last semester, although that one was twice as long for half the marks. This one should be a piece of cake!

This afternoon, I picked up the course pack so I can do my readings. The latest date the exam could possibly be is June 22. I'll be a student for a maximum of 47 days left as a student. Scary.

P.S. I'm still unemployed and that sucks.

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