Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Atlas

On Friday, I got my hair cut. For a week, the haircut was then plan every day. Fianlly, I got it done.

I get it cut in the building at Lees where I lived last year. I arrived there, and there was a 45 minute wait. I decided I'd go find a nice place to sit and read. Apparently there is no place to read anywhere near Lees, so I bused to Campus and then read by the canal, which was a lovely experience. It was so nice out, and everyone was out and about and seemed friendly. Eventually, I went back to Lees and got my hair cut. And I love it! :D

There were duckies right outside the building!

I then got on another bus and headed to St. Laurent. I need some new ties and I have a gift card for The Bay so I looked there but St. Laurent is brutal. When the bus was pulling up to St. Laurent, this guy was staring at my feet and I felt in my mind that was odd. Then, he mentioned how much he liked my flip-flops. How much he REALLY liked my flip-flops. I thought this was odd. I mentioned that I was actually about to get off the bus and go buy new ones because I do NOT like those flip-flops. He said he really liked them. Walking up the stairs from the bus, several people got between us and I assumed it was over.

Then, he looked back for me, and then waited for me at the top of the stairs. He said he was almost willing to trade the brand new Volcom flip-flops for the ones on my feet that I bought a year ago for nine dollars. Now, I like a good fetish as much as the next person, but that's weird. Still, I wanted to see where this was headed, so I asked about his foot size. He clearly was starting to say 13, but then dropped it down to 10. And then said he usually wears size 8 flip-flops because he likes them to be tight. This all made no sense. My flip-flops are 11s. So we walked into the mall, and then up the escalator. Finally, we got into the real part of the mall and he asked if I knew where Stitches was [eew]. Since the mall is a diamond shape from there, I sent him down one hall and said 'just keep going and you'll see it' and I went down the other.

I got a new pair of flip-flops at Payless. I sauntered around for a little bit to see if I could find him again. If I did, I would have given him the damn flip-flops, but I didn't. His loss. I hope he enjoyed Stitches. lol

Today, I headed down to the Great Glebe Garage Sale. For those who don't know, its an entire [beautiful] neighbourhood that has a garage sale. Blocks and blocks of cheap crap.

Here is the one picture I took, to show that its a booming fun-fest. I believe this was on First looking to Bank. Who knows?

I bought this fantastic school atlas from 1957. It is well used, most likely by Stanley Currie, who claimed ownership in Grade 10 in 1960-61, at Leaside High School in Toronto. Cool!


Bec said...

eww I wonder if he's related to Mr Currie. Also that flip flop guy is crazy, just crazy! and whos feel fluctuate in size that much I mean I understand if you are a size 5or6 but a size 13or7????? just doesnt make sense at all!

Anonymous said...

I want your flip-flops!

i am playing outside said...

Anonymous, you can have them ;)

Elyse said...

I have a hard time wearing other people's shoes... maybe it's i don't want your foot fungus / sweaty shoe thing... i don't know, wearing other people's shoe is gross unless you really know them well....that guy clearly had some creepy foot fetish

i am playing outside said...

ya i would not wear someone else's shoes either. very odd.

Anonymous said...

I still want your flip-flops!

i am playing outside said...

tell me who you are and they're yours :P

Anonymous said...

It's me Gossip Girl.. you know you love me. xoxo

hahah j/k

i am playing outside said...

Gossip Girl? *vomits* lol