Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1990

Apparently, 1990 was a very short year for me. Here are the pictures:

Photoshoot with the sister and the glasses? Who WOUDLDN'T want to participate?

Best snowman ever? I think so. I assume those random branches at the bottom eventually became arms.

This picture is a good example of gentrification in Renfrew. That big ugly shed in the neighbour's yard is now a lovely deck with a privacy fence so we don't have to look at the people who now live there [I think that house is on its 6th set of owners in my lifetime... I guess we're terrible neighbours].

See my versatility? I can play outside in both winter AND summer. This is at my grandma's house, where I was sitting on that sweet cement thing that us kids used to sit on whilst playing with the sand [and apparently bigish rocks].

True story: The cement block has since been covered over by a large deck. If you've learned anything from this post, its that you do not want to be photographed with me, because a deck will be built on top of you instantly.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Little Birdie

Lately I have been busy and lazy and not busy and bored. Whatever I was, I haven't been in much of a blogging mood. Possibly because I don't do that much.

I definitely watched much of the entire series of Jon & Kate Plus 8 over the weekend, since Darryl went to Sudbury to visit his family, and TLC had a marathon. I've always been against that show, but goodness it is actually quite good and addictive.

I've also been keeping up with my reading and going to class and applying for jobs. No one is ever going to hire me.

Here is a picture of traffic coming at me. God bless medians.

On Tuesday before class, Darryl and I went to look at an apartment for him. We found a lovely place that is being somewhat renovated and is a little cheaper than their original quote. He's taking it! Woo! ... It will be a little less direct for me to bus there, but oh well. LOL Its not too much worse.

We had some time to kill before I went to class, and I was hungry, so we grabbed very delicious sandwiches at La Bottega. We took them to eat in a courtyard in the market, which is what you do with such sandwiches.

There were little birdies all around us. Cute!

We will be going to Renfrew for the weekend for general hanging out [which will mean fun pictures next week, I promise!] and so Darryl and meet the home friends. Last night my dad agreed to drive us, which in turn means that he agrees to meet Darryl. Good lord, wish us luck. This may be my last post. LOL

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1989

Welcome to Michael 1989.

My Uncle Stan married my now-Aunt Jeanne, and there was obviously a partay. Here I am with my cousins. I'm being held by my bonus cousin Ian. He's a bonus cousin because he's too old for me to count him. I don't consider him a relative. Wanna move away before I get any kind of old? Go for it buddy.

Grandma and Momma competed in the Flashy Shirt 1989 contest. Voting for the winner is still open!

Apparently Uncle Stan had braces, which he brought with him all the way from Alberta. Wanna move away? Go for it. At least he visits every couple years. Ya hear that Ian?

Cheryl, Gary and Jenny. People I know [see: Amanda] will enjoy this.

I was skinny!

And I totally loved talking on the phone back then. Not so much now.

Look how cute I was!

Obligatory picture of Me and Alison and Alison's Glasses.

Riding on cars with my cousin Andrew. To see him all growed up, look HERE!

Finally, I turned 2. Come back next week to see if I was terrible! [Not bloody likely... such an angel]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Atlas

On Friday, I got my hair cut. For a week, the haircut was then plan every day. Fianlly, I got it done.

I get it cut in the building at Lees where I lived last year. I arrived there, and there was a 45 minute wait. I decided I'd go find a nice place to sit and read. Apparently there is no place to read anywhere near Lees, so I bused to Campus and then read by the canal, which was a lovely experience. It was so nice out, and everyone was out and about and seemed friendly. Eventually, I went back to Lees and got my hair cut. And I love it! :D

There were duckies right outside the building!

I then got on another bus and headed to St. Laurent. I need some new ties and I have a gift card for The Bay so I looked there but St. Laurent is brutal. When the bus was pulling up to St. Laurent, this guy was staring at my feet and I felt in my mind that was odd. Then, he mentioned how much he liked my flip-flops. How much he REALLY liked my flip-flops. I thought this was odd. I mentioned that I was actually about to get off the bus and go buy new ones because I do NOT like those flip-flops. He said he really liked them. Walking up the stairs from the bus, several people got between us and I assumed it was over.

Then, he looked back for me, and then waited for me at the top of the stairs. He said he was almost willing to trade the brand new Volcom flip-flops for the ones on my feet that I bought a year ago for nine dollars. Now, I like a good fetish as much as the next person, but that's weird. Still, I wanted to see where this was headed, so I asked about his foot size. He clearly was starting to say 13, but then dropped it down to 10. And then said he usually wears size 8 flip-flops because he likes them to be tight. This all made no sense. My flip-flops are 11s. So we walked into the mall, and then up the escalator. Finally, we got into the real part of the mall and he asked if I knew where Stitches was [eew]. Since the mall is a diamond shape from there, I sent him down one hall and said 'just keep going and you'll see it' and I went down the other.

I got a new pair of flip-flops at Payless. I sauntered around for a little bit to see if I could find him again. If I did, I would have given him the damn flip-flops, but I didn't. His loss. I hope he enjoyed Stitches. lol

Today, I headed down to the Great Glebe Garage Sale. For those who don't know, its an entire [beautiful] neighbourhood that has a garage sale. Blocks and blocks of cheap crap.

Here is the one picture I took, to show that its a booming fun-fest. I believe this was on First looking to Bank. Who knows?

I bought this fantastic school atlas from 1957. It is well used, most likely by Stanley Currie, who claimed ownership in Grade 10 in 1960-61, at Leaside High School in Toronto. Cool!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Tulip Festival

Today was Victoria Day here in Canada [for any of you non-Canadian readers who may have wondered why we weren't at work when you tried to call us]. It also happened to be International Museum Day. The combination of everyone being off work, the first nice weather day in a while, and the fact that many museums were free for the day meant that the masses headed out for a little taste of culture.

Darryl and I went to the National Art Gallery. We had about 3 hours and made it through the two floors of permanent collections [except for the small Inuit art floor that we didn't make it to due to time constraints]. I'd previously only been there for special exhibits before!

We had a great time looking at the art. In the Canadian section, I decided that I can't stand Tom Thomson paintings, and my favourite Group of Seven painter is still Lawren Harris, just like it was in Grade 3 when I had to recreate THIS PAINTING with plasticine.

After the gallery closed, we headed over to Major's Hill Park to enjoy the tail end of the Tulip Festival, which we had planned on going to all three weekends. Well, we finally made it, with minutes to spare!

Here is a slideshow of pictures from the day. Mainly tulips, one with Darryl looking very sinister, some shots of Parliament, the Chateau Laurier, Grand Truck Central Station, and it ends with a picture of my foot on the bus which I took while playing with camera settings. The pictures are from my BlackBerry, so they're not stellar, but not awful either.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1988

Welcome to my life, circa 1988. It should be noted that these Flashbacks are also going to be horrifying accounts of my sister's appearance as she grew up. For that, and for her gigantic glasses, I do apologize.

Grandma and her favourite grandchildren [like that's a hard competition. Y'all should meet the other contenders!]

The glasses gave me a balloon! I love it when she gives me Giant Tiger balloons!

Here I am, completely disinterested in my cousins.

This is my first trip ever... to Toronto! [Duh, look at the Canadian Geese as the waterfront!]

Where's my friggin' cookie!?

This is me with my wicked awesome stuffed lamb I got when I was born. I love it.

My first birthday was a rockin' one. But that blond hair is gross.

Alison's 10th birthday. Such a bad picture.

Ex-Aunt Brenda and Alison are rockin' some sweet sweet hairdos.

For Christmas, I got this amazing Fisher Price bulldozer. Wish I still had it.

Head to toe, I looked fan-fucking-tastic. Best shoes ever. Merry Christmas to you all.

I always loved my grandma's popcorn shirt.

For New Years, they decided to start me on my little gay journey. Thanks.

And now, I've recreated my favourite picture. I'll never be without my little lamb...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Interview

Well, its been a few days. I haven't had much to say. There's been a hell of a lot of rain lately.

My class has continued to go well. There are now only 4.5 weeks left! How sad! I'm having a great time there. The readings lately have been a little less exciting than the first was, but I'm living through them. Two readings a week isn't too horrible.

I've also continued applying and applying to jobs, and it finally paid off. Well, not technically... a job I applied to a good month ago called me today. I have an interview for a GIS position on Wednesday! Wish me luck! I'll need it! .. the job is right downtown, which would be fantastic.

Last night, Nathan came over and we watched the season 5 finale of Lost. There aren't enough words to describe how epic it was. It was quite enjoyable to watch along with someone. I generally watch TV alone, but this episode was so insane that it was nice to have someone to shout OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT!? to LOL

Then, I downloaded the episode and watching it when I woke up today. And it was still amazing. You must all watch the entire series immediately. You have until January before the last season starts. Hurry up!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Flashbacks: 1987

If Lost has taught me anything, its that Flashbacks are all the rage. They are also a great way of filling in a person's back story. Duh. And since Sundays are generally boring, I figured that they would be a good day for a lengthy series of posts to bring you up to speed on my life before I started this blog. Each week, I'll give you a scanned glimpse of a year [1987-2004]. Then, I bought a digital camera, and the amount of pictures I took increased dramatically, so it may become more of a month by month thing from 2005-August 2007 when I started this blog. Because I don't want you to miss any important details when you write my biography.

I was born on November 4, 1987 at 3:10am. That was one of my favourite moments that day. I remember it well.

32 days later, the folks took me for a spin around the block to get me dipped. Or have water poured on me. Some jackass with blond hair [probably my cousin Erik] get in the way.

I did my best 'mime trapped in a box' impression while surrounded by my Uncle Dennis [the godfather], Mommy, Daddy and my Aunt Frances [the godmother].

Later that day, I was passed off to my sister. I didn't like it then, and I still don't like it when she picks me up like that.

At Christmas, I hung out with my grandma and my cousins. There's one girl I don't know in that picture. She was in another picture too. What happened to mystery girl? And who knocked out the teeth of my male cousins?

By the time the year was over, it was clear that I was an alien baby. I wish my eyes were still like that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Father And Sons

On Thursday afternoon, I headed on down to the Rideau Center to meet Lindsay, Jenny and Kristin. Visitors from home! Exciting!

We wandered around the mall for a couple hours. Lindsay is the only one of us with a job, so the rest of us were too poor to buy anything. Then Lindsay checked her bank account, which had like 32 bucks in it. Way to be, homeowner.

After a while, I trekked us to the South end of campus so I could meet a girl from Facebook who was on her way to class. She needed a textbook. I had a textbook. She had $50. After a bit of waiting in a bit of rain, the girl arrived, and I was slightly richer [of course, the textbook I had bought the day before cost $58 so I am technically still a little in the textbook hole.

The rain started picking up slightly, so we hurried our way to Father & Sons aka F&S for some good eats. It was drizzling rain when we entered, and by the time we sat down at our window-adjacent table, it was pouring like crazy. Well timed!

After a delicious dinner, I walked the girls back across campus. They were headed for the car at the Rideau Center. A ledge outside Simard took our picture, and the visit was over.

I headed to class, which was awesome. The class I'm taking is so good. Its kind of sad that it wont last very long. There was also enjoyable chatter with Nathan and his friends Jeff and Stephanie, who I apparently "fit in well" with. Huzzah!

Today was promising thunder storms. I took this picture of the looming grey sky. There was thunder, but no storms. It even got sunny. NOTE: It is now several hours later, and there is a lot of lightning, but no thunder or storms. The weather is being a freak.

Finally, I have deemed this particular item Facebook's worst suggestion ever. Period.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The EC

No, MuchMusic fans, I'm not talking about Electric Circus.

Even thought watching other people dance to crappy music was one of the best shows ever aired.

Last night, I met my friend Nathan for dinner at Elephant and Castle, since it had been an entire week since my last dinner there. Longtime readers may remember him from The Gravel Pit.

We were both late, but I was most late. Buses have not been my friends lately. I hadn't seen him since December, when Quaternary Geology ended. We chat online periodically, and they're always rockin' good chats, but he was super busy with his co-op term the past few months, so we haven't hung out. But now, he is in my summer class, so we decided to get together for food before class and catch up.

We had a great chat. And I really like that restaurant. Both times I've been there lately, the meal lasts a long time because the conversation is too good to allow for fast eating. God knows it can't be the PEOPLE who are cool. Gotta be the restaurant!

Our server was weird though. He kept trying to make weird jokes that we didn't get. And he was slow. And they gave me salad instead of fries. Which was delicious anyway. Always a tough choice there. But anyway...

After food, we toured around the mall for a bit, and then headed across campus to the crap building that our class is in. He sat with his other friends [lameass] and I sat with Dave. The seats were comfy although the rows were close together. The room seems to not be air conditioned, which will possibly be bad, although the class is only in the evenings and only until mid-June, so it shouldn't be TOO bad. Tavares didn't make me fall asleep, and the one assignment will be easy since I did the same assignment last semester, although that one was twice as long for half the marks. This one should be a piece of cake!

This afternoon, I picked up the course pack so I can do my readings. The latest date the exam could possibly be is June 22. I'll be a student for a maximum of 47 days left as a student. Scary.

P.S. I'm still unemployed and that sucks.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Last First Day

Unless I end up going to Teachers College in the future, today is my last first day of school ever!

For the next 6.5 weeks, I'll be spending my Tuesday and Thursday nights with Nathan and Dave in the decrepit-because-it-was-built-in-1972 Macdonald Hall. The course? Contemporary Debates in Urban Geography.

So lets see... mention crappy building? check. mention scary course title? check. mention that the prof if a Grad Student I don't enjoy? uh... check?

Thankfully I've got friends to keep me awake. I'll make sure I sit between them for best wake up control.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Non-Tour

Friday afternoon, I told Darryl I was going to hop in the shower and then head over to his place for supper. Naturally, I got to that after spending a good half hour setting up and taking the picture below. Quatchi wanted it that way.

He looked fantastic.

On Saturday, we planned on going on the BC Scene Jane's Walk. Jane's Walk is a bunch of different free walking tours that happened this weekend in Ottawa, and we were going to do the one about things British Columbia has done for Ottawa. We showed up at

the Olympic clock, which is very BC-related. We waited around a bit, and I took

a lovely picture of Center Block, because the Hill was booming. In fact, the entire downtown was packed.

We waited and finally asked a guy with a flag and a clipboard if he was there for our tour. He was there, but the tour was not. The guide hurt her ankle or knee or something, and that tour was cancelled. He put us on the waiting list for the Sunday tour. We walked around downtown and ate gelato.

*Insert fiasco of choice involving Darryl's loser roommate here>*

On Sunday, everything in the world took too long, so we didn't end up making it to our walk. Sad. Oh well. We had a lovely weekend!

Next week I promise we will go to the Tulip Festival, and there will be lovely pictures. The tulips can't break their legs and you can't be late for them, so we should be good! Huzzah!