Monday, April 20, 2009

The War Museum

On Saturday, Darryl and I went to the Canadian War Museum. It opened four years ago, but I still had never made it out there [Its a couple bus stops away from downtown. So far away! LOL]. Right off the bat, I must say that the building is beautiful. Well done, architect! We gave ourselves three hours to go through, but that was not enough time, and we had to rush through the Cold War and we didn't get to go down to the floor with all the tanks. The place is friggin' huge! I found that there was a lot more reading and a lot less interaction than some museums, but I guess that kind of makes sense. I did, however, get to try on the following selection of hats throughout the tour:

We also got to try on these fun little outfits after all the annoying little children were done with them. I am entirely outraged that it fit Darryl so well, but not so much me. Damn skinny boy!

The most awesome thing in the museum, other than us, was one of Hitler's cars, complete with bullet holes.

We didn't have time to go down to the vehicle floor, although we did see a bunch throughout the regular part of the museum so it was OK.

Apparently they were preparing for a dinner down there. How very peculiar!

After the museum, we went to the market, to eat supper at Lapointe's which is the awesome fish restaurant. [I don't know if they have it other places or just the ones in Ottawa]. It was my first experience... I actually have fairly limited fish experience in general, but it was very delicious. We also got to play the game of 'what is the deal with the group with the large reserved table?' ... Darryl said 'engagement party', I said 'Melaine's birthday'. I won!

Finally, here's a closeup of Darryl's cat, Andrèa. Just because.

Oh, on Friday night, we went to see Adventureland. It was pretty decent. Nothing overly amazing, but good.


Darryl said...

Museums rock... As I said, if you want to see it again (tanks and planes mostly), you can always volunteer as a chaperone next school year or whatever. I will be going once each semester (yay for history!)!

Mmm, I want more fish dammit, but mostly more Michael-time.

Good luck on your exam today! :)

(Teehee - look at the kitty!!!)

Tim said...

I am jealous of your war museum...

Just a little...