Monday, April 6, 2009

The Peace, Not War

On Friday afternoon, I finished my 23 page assignment on icebergs. It took me all week, and boy was I glad to finally hit print. Thicker than a stapler would allow, I had to use a little bulldog clip to hold it together. That's too much assignment! It will feel good to hand it in on Tuesday. Happily, I'm almost done this semester, which ends Wednesday, other than a poster I have to make tomorrow, which is related to the long assignment. That will be easy. And entirely unnecessary. Stupid prof wasting my time.

Friday night, Darryl took me out for a delicious steak dinner at Vineyards Wine Bar. The food was amazing, but the restaurant was bizarre [everything was small... like eating in a hobbit's house]. Then, we walked in the rain to Oh So Good for some super delicious cake. There was some total confusion there... normally, you go to the counter, order your cake, and then take it to your seat, anywhere you want. But when we were ordering, we were asked if we were eating in the front [small] or the back [large]. We said back, and we were then told to go to the podium and we would be seated in the back. Weird. It was totally like a normal restaurant. It was a waste of time, really. But the waitress was lovely, and we enjoyed our cake and drinks. We decided that Saturday would be a lovely day to go to the Canadian War Museum, since I've never been to the new one [shame!] and Darryl likes it.

On Saturday, we woke up and got out of bed around 3pm. Good lord, eh? After eating, showering, and travelling, we MAY HAVE been able to get to the museum in time for closing, at 5. Plans to go to the museum in the future sound great. I can't wait!

Instead, we played Wii [he has original Super Mario Bros. Sweet!] and watched most of the first season of Lost over the weekend, and ate wonderful lasagna, and just had an overall good time.

We also went for a good walk, as we enjoy doing. Along the way, we ran into my friend Roy at Rogers Video, and my friend Guy who was walking someone's dog. Woo, people!

Tonight, I came home, and Adam helped me get my less than legal copy of Photoshop activated [yay!] and also had my favourite font, which I've been having trouble finding online, and also got deleted when I reformatted my computer. It totally pays to know computer geniuses. Just don't abuse their knowledge!

How was YOUR weekend?


DLap said...

totally enjoy that you post so late at night, gives me something to do while everyone else is sleeping!

ps i want a wii soo bad....hopefully when i get a real job lol

i am playing outside said...

i've rarely liked video games in my life, other than orignial nintendo. i guess now that i know someone with a Wii who likes playing oldschool games on the Wii, i've gotten back into it. yay!

Elyse said...
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Elyse said...

Sorry first post had too many typos..... Had to edit... I should really do that before I publish. So anyway... My weekend consisted of deadheading home to Ottawa, getting off the jet and being called back up to Iqaluit not even an hour after I landed. Which is good because I get 3 hours of pay for just sitting on an airplane. So I went back up Friday. Friday night I had some drinks with some pilots and my lovely man-friend. Saturday, I flew to Nanisivik and Resolute Bay where I stayed the night and attempted to sleep. Sunday was back to Iqaluit... unfortunately my man-friend was gone on an overnight to Pond Inlet. :( I had a four hour nap in the afternoon which was awesome because I was having a wicked gall bladder attack which is NOT fun.I then woke up watched gossip girl and ate dinner which induced another gall bladder attack... I'm going to stop eating now! Then I went back to bed... but couldn't sleep, so I started to watch TMNT, which for some reason always makes me fall to sleep. P.S. Don't worry I'm not dying... I just have terrible genetic disorders that no one else in my family seems to inherit

i am playing outside said...

boo to your gall bladder :( ... but im glad you made some extra cash from your fun travelling lol