Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Mexicali Rosa's

Apparently, its restaurant week around here.

Last night, Darryl and I had dinner with

My sister and my mommy.

It was the first time Mom and Darryl met [we had coffee with Alison a month ago]. We went to the Mexicali Rosa's in the market. It is the second best Mexi's in Ottawa. The massive new one at Kanata Centrum is the best, and the one at Dow's Lake is lame and the tiny little original one in the Glebe is tiny and little. And its in the Glebe. Pretentious, much?

Of course, the best Mexi's ever WAS on the right end of this building:

Sadly, this picture is from February 2006. On the left end here, is the old Capital Music Hall, which was awesome. There were so many good things in that building. But days after I took this picture, it was demolished, making room for:

This building, which is in the location of the old Mexi's, as well as the mirror image building that is currently [finally] beginning its construction on the other side, where CMH was. Oh Ottawa, you've changed.

But that destruction lead to the new market Mexicali Rosa's, which set the scene for last night's dinner. The service was quite slow, but still very friendly, and we all had a great time. Much laughter for all! I had gorditas after a lengthy debate on what to get, and they were delicious. Sadly, Darryl's nachos weren't his favourite thing ever,which is odd because I've never heard of a bad meal there before!

We even made sure to appease the food gods. While taking this picture, the waitress decided to drop by the table. Awkward! lol

P.S. The verdict is in... the family likes Darryl and Darryl likes the family. Woohoo!

Also, just like Elephant & Castle, I thought Mexicali Rosa's was just an Ottawa thing, but apparently it is the "largest Mexican-themed, family-style chain restaurant" in Canada. But still based out of Ottawa. LOL


boredmando said...

There is also one at Hunt Club and Merivale. Well, the building is there. I've never eaten there, but it's beside the East Side Marios. I think it may have been in the opening process? Former workers gave me gift certificates for M. Rosa's, but of course I lost them lol

i am playing outside said...

lol you need a job where you make enough to afford someone to organize anything you set down. the minute youre not touching it, it gets organized. lol

boredmando said...

Oh god yes.

katrocket said...

Katrocket likes Darryl, too. I'm sure that means so much to you both. ;)

i am playing outside said...

best news ever! :D

Elyse said...

The one on Hunt Club has been open for awhile... like almost a year I think. Was open last time I moved anyway... it's near my soon to not be my apartment. The Best M. Rosa's is the Bank Street location (original location)... I have never had a bad meal from there. Sorry Michael but it is original not pretentious. The Kanata location on the other hand I have had a not so good meal.

i am playing outside said...

i said the Glebe is pretentious, not the Mexi's :P

Elyse said...

ah yes... sorry :)

Tim said...

you have never looked more South Park Canadian than in that first picture...bravo