Monday, April 27, 2009


Saturday afternoon was hot. Darryl and I walked to the library, where I got my first-ever Ottawa Library card. Fun! Naturally, it was a hassle. The stupid old lady didn't feel that my signature or photo on my drivers license resembled my present signature and appearance didn't quite match. Apparently I'm supposed to appear exactly as I did on my 16th birthday when I got my license. These issues wouldn't come up if the government wasn't retarded, and made me renew my license an additional 2 years without a new picture, rather than the 5 year renewal that they are SUPPOSED to have made me do. You know, under the law. Thanks. Now I get to pay for more license renewals than most people.

Darryl and I then hopped on the bus to the west end.

The Queensway seemed pretty quiet for a Saturday afternoon.

As we approached IKEA, I found this sign, which is truly amazing. The Ottawa IKEA is so tiny and always super packed. This means amazing things HAHA. HERE'S A LINK.

That night, after we had already sweat buckets, and a massive windstorm ended, we went to the Whiskey Bar in the Byward Market, to celebrate Kerri's birthday and her moving to Winnipeg next weekend [sad!]. It was a good time, and I danced, which is virtually unheard of.

Kerri looked lovely.

Darryl was singing like a pro. Pictures of me were kinda blurry.

Finally, I think I'm gonna bail on that other blog of mine, the one with the letters. I don't even post here enough, so I really don't think I should be killing myself trying to provide fodder for something else 5 days per week. I'll just be sassier on this blog instead!


DLap said...

AH I LOVE IKEA!!!!!!!!!!

Elyse said...

ooh a giant IKEA how exciting!!
I'm saddened of your quitting of the other blog... Oh well at least you still have this one

i am playing outside said...

ya... it just wasnt as fun as i had planned. it was too much like work haha