Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Home Sickness

No, I'm not homesick. I'm at home, in Renfrew, and I've been sick. Deadly sick. 36 hours living on the couch and in the bathroom while every ounce [not a lie] of anything inside me empties itself sick.

And the pain. The pain of being on a couch for that long, added to the general flu pain. This all started in the middle of the Thurs-Fri night. Then I vomited for 12 hours. Then I slept on and off. I missed church, I forced mom's dinner plans to be moved from our house to grandma's, and I didn't go out with my friends that night. Then I started to feel a bit better, so Fri-Sat night, I miraculously got 8 hours of sleep. Then I stayed on the couch 4 more hours watching TV as I had for the previous 32 hours. Then I finally got up and had a shower.

The shower exhausted me, and I had to have some water and sit down for a little bit. Then I brushed my teeth, which make me work up a bit of a sweat. Isn't being sick fun?

After that, Alison and I visited our cousin Cheryl [a quick visit]. Then we went with Momma to the grocery store so I could buy more food to take back to Ottawa, since I let my stockpile run out since I was going to be coming home.

Then, we were off to the Quebec side, near Pembroke [which is on the Ontario side] to my aunt's sweetass house on the Ottawa River [NOTE: spellcheck totally allowed the word 'sweetass'] for mom's family dinner. There were only like 20 of us, which is a small gathering for that family, but it was super fun. Great time had by all. I even ate some food. Smallest holiday meal of my life. And it totally filled me. I'm still full and we ate almost 7 hours ago. Good lord.

I may have some pictures from this to post when I get back to Ottawa on Sunday or Monday. We'll see. I hope everyone else has had a good weekend!


Darryl said...

Mmmm holiday meals!

I kinda wish I went home, even if it would have been a painful busride there and back... something about a turkey dinner with all the fixin's would have been nice... Oh well!

Hope you enjoy your meal tonight, babe...even despite the noisy family!

i am playing outside said...

i didn't get any turkeys! just two hams!!

Darryl said...

ham is better than nothing!! i'd kill for some ham... (ok, not really...)

Elyse said...

I had vegetarian lasagna and salad :)

Tim said...

wow that sounds pretty sucky, like u had darryl withdrawal or something. I had ham for Easter, I heard it was a traditional Jewish holiday meal!

i am playing outside said...

hahaha too funny :P