Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Elephant And Castle

Tonight, I went to dinner at Elephant & Castle at the Rideau Center. I went with Kathryn, who had just finished her last exam ever after THIRTEEN semester of university. Good lord! Its about time she's finally done! hehe

While I've known Kathryn for three years, the first two and a half years were based around friendly hellos in class, and that's about it. I knew her name was Kathryn. This semester, people like Kerri and Phil were no longer in my classes, so I had to find some new people to sit with in Northern Hydrology. Kathryn happened to be one of the first people in the class one day, so I sat with her, and continued each week. Then we started chatting on MSN. Ahh, new friendships! lol

So tonight, she invited me to her school-is-over dinner, along with her boyfriend Dave and two of their friends. Those three guys are all computer geeks, so it was a fun battle between them talking about computers, and us talking about not computers. But it was fun.

We met at 5:30, and I totally planned to have lots of time to go to the library after and try out my sweet sweet new library card. I was wrong. We had such a lovely time that we ate and drank and chatting until 8:50! It was good times. I will go to the library another day.

Fun fact? Apparently Elephant & Castle is a North American chain founded in Vancouver. I always assumed it was just a single Ottawa location. I'm not quite sure if I like this new fact or not. Still, its a great restaurant.


Bec said...

randomness, today I was in Toronto and I saw one and I was like oh I thought those were just an Ottawa thing??? Apparently we were both misinformed!

i am playing outside said...

haha that's awesome! ... and how did you comment so fast? I just posted this!

DLap said...

Elephant and Castle, the name alone makes me want to go there!

i am playing outside said...

you should! its a really good pub! like, REALLY good. yum! haha

stacy said...

the library will always be there - sweet dinners like those need to be cherished.