Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Easter Weekend

After the horrible sickness, I did have two Easter dinners to attend. I didn't eat much, but the food was good and I had a lovely time with the family.

All of mom's brothers and sisters and their mother made it to my aunt's house near Chapeau, Quebec.

And all the cool cousins. Except for several of them. And also, Alex was there in the middle. He was unusually quiet. Yay!

The next day, dinner was at dad's. Aunt Sharon and I were a comedic dream team as usual. I get part of my funny from her.

And Alison was there. She ate three baby carrots and a little bit of potatoes. Fuck off with your being skinny, and pretending you ate already.

Wee little Jadyn is apparently 7 now. Good lord.

And I managed to sort of capture a picture of Dad and all the kids he's birthed recently. Most of them have names I think. Too many to remember.

On a completely different topic, I'm done 2 of 5 exams now, with the rest next week. During tonight's exam, my prof brought some slander and lies to my attention. There was a freakout and subsequent email bitchfest. If the results are negative, I'll go into detail in the future.


Darryl said...

Well then, I hope that you won't have to go into details about the exam fiasco. I'm sure it will be ok...once she uses her head and thinks.

And what's with all the blonde haired, blue eyed children ? Eerie! :P

katrocket said...

Does your family have a striped-shirt holiday dress code? Or just a fashion coincidence?

Hope you're feeling better!

i am playing outside said...

definite dress code, but clearly some peoples' outfits were stripeless fails.

James said...

I was wondering about the stripes too...

Hate to say it, but you look like Freddy Krueger in that shirt. Only without the burn scars and knife hand.