Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Day I Had

Today was a long one. I woke up and did a lot of running around to get ready and head off to school for my last Geography class ever. How sad!

With orange and black poster in tow [see previous post], I climbed the stairs of Tabaret for the last time. While we all kept our posters hidden from each other since posters are embarrassing, I chatted with my friends in the class for like 20 minutes, since we were all early. It was warm in the room. Eventually, we all put up our posters and waited for the prof to come quiz us. She started on our side of the room, meaning we'd get it out of the way quickly, but then would have to sit around and do nothing forever since it was impolite to leave and we should have been looking at other peoples' posters. We thought we'd be asked one or two questions, but the prof was taking about 8 minutes per person. It was crazy. Eventually, my friends and I all did our presentations, and then we were free to roam the class and look at the other posters, AKA chat with each other. It was a great 3 hour opportunity to have a bit of a goodbye session, as Curtis, Christina and Kathryn, Norah and Basil are all graduating... John and I will graduate in October [knock on wood].

Everyone loved my poster. It was clear that I was one of the few people who truly put in the effort to make it look really good. People would actually touch the lettering to find out how I'd done it ... most thought it was stencilled - it was just printed onto construction paper. A simple concept that amazed people HAHA. Eventually, we all got to leave the hot, smelly, sweaty class [no open windows or doors + 50 people talking and moving for 3 hours = bad]. "See you at the exams" delayed the inevitable "goodbyes".

I went to Simard to grab some files from a computer so I can study for the exam, and then I went over to Desmarais to see about taking the last Psychology course I need for my minor, in the summer, possibly by correspondence. The girl at the Info desk sent me to Room 1100: the Management secretariat. I knew this was wrong, but I also knew I was in the right building, so I asked them where I needed to go. They said Lamoureux, so I walked halfway across campus. On the way, I took a picture of the crane that is getting ready to tear down 120 University, but the picture was just white when I put it on my computer! Anyway, I went to the Psychology secretariat, and they told me to go down the hall to Room 346. Room 346 told me that I had to go to the 3rd floor of Desmarais to the Social Sciences secretariat. By the time I got back across campus to my final destination, it had been closed for 5 minutes. Thanks to the 4 people who lead me astray. This is uOttawa runaround at its finest. Not shocking.

I went outside to wait at the bus stop, where traffic was heavy on the Transitway. I had previously seen neon-vested traffic cops and noted the heavy bus traffic, but didn't really think about it. I had 15 minutes to wait for my bus, which I thought was fine since it was cold and snowy out. 20 minutes later, I was totally annoyed with the minimal bus movement. Some girls came by and asked what was going on, but I didn't know. They left, and returned a few minutes later, saying there was a protest going on. An army man noted that we should all start walking, so we did.

This picture doesn't really do the situation justice, but both lanes here are lined with buses on the entire Mackenzie King bridge, and they extend all the way to Campus station, which is two away. Also, the lane in the left of the picture is two buses deep, which you also can't see.

The protesters turned out to be right at Mackenzie King and Elgin, which basically shuts down the Transitway downtown, during rushhour. Assholes.

Apparently, the Tamil Tigers want a ceasefire in Sri Lanka. You can read about it HERE.

Eventually, I made it to Darryl's place, where we ate pizza and wings and watched two more episodes of season 1 of Lost. I fell asleep during the second one, since I have been so damn busy and not getting enough sleep [see: I'm currently blogging at 3:19am].

He even gave my a bag of candy that he got at Sugar Mountain. There are some pretty awesome things there, such as Junior Mints, Fun Dip, Pixy Stix and Popeye 'Candy Sticks'. Yay, smoking! ... Naturally, I'm sharing with Quatchi.

Finally, after I got home, Darryl informed me that since finding a 4th year summer Psych course is proving to be difficult, I could forgo my minor in Psych [I've still got enough of those courses to use as a teachable should I decide to go to teacher's college in the future] so I can just take a different course and not worry about Psych. I decided on the geography course offered, which means I'll get one more geography class, and its with Dave which is great! And May 4 - June 16 is a quick class, although the topic sounds horrifying: Contemporary Debates on Urban Geography.

I'll end my Geography degree with 21 geography courses, even though I only need 14. Go me! I almost did a major AND minor in the subject! HAH

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