Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Consumer Reviews

I have stumbled upon something that I find fascinating.

I'm not usually one for much YouTubing, but I am indeed one for infomercials. They are addictive, and I often wonder if the products actually work.

Thanks to young girls, I have learned that the answer can indeed be yes. So I was sitting here at 4am watching an infomercial for the InStyler, which is some hair straightening contraption that looks like a joke. I decided to search for the video to make fun of the product in blog form, but then I found that there are user review videos. Positive ones.

There is something hypnotic about sitting here watching some random girl do her hair and describe a product. This video is of a girl with already straight hair, but she was enjoyable to listen to. There are videos where girls have crazy poofy hair and by the end it is totally smooth. Crazy!

I must also mention that sometimes I watch Natasha's videos of her putting on makeup, which is apparently another niche video market. Such a relaxing and bizarre way to waste some time.

Finally, I am officially now watching the infomercial for the Cricut Expression... craft lovers, eat your heart out.

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Elyse said...

so i was watching tyra.... even though i hate her... anyway the whole show was about infomercials and they tested like 10 of them on air... they had that bump-it one, sham-wow, that snuggie (the blanket with the arm that makes you look like you are in some sort of cult) and a few others... anyway everyone in the audience took home each of the informercial products. that's all i got to say.... so this natasha girl films doing her makeup application... any tips i should know lol