Friday, April 24, 2009

The Book Club IV

Wednesday was World Book and Copyright Day. I'm sure you knew that. The day celebrates books [whoa!] and is the anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, and the births and deaths of some other "famous" authors I never heard of, and is also St. George Day in Britain, which had something to do with giving a rose with each book sold on that day. I decided to finish up the last few pages of the book I was reading to correspond nicely with the day. It should be noted that I would have finished the book anyway, and the connection with Book Day is a rockin' coincidence that makes me seem more aware than I really am.

Canadians by Roy MacGregor
You may know that I'm a die hard fan of all things Canadian. Therefore, when I saw this book, I had to buy it. Sadly, I saw a fancy version with an old school cover that was expensive, so I didn't buy it. But then the cover pictured above came out on a later printing. It is also an awesome cover, and it was much cheaper, so I snagged it immediately.

The book definitely succeeds in its goal of being 'A portrait of a country and its people.' Roy MacGregor puts his many years of work as a national journalist and author to good use, recounting tales from all the big events featuring famous Canadians, and all the things that mattered to random Canadians. He got to be there for all the cool events, like riding the Pierre Trudeau funeral train to Montreal. He was the last person at The Rocket's funeral. He visited the town of Tate, Saskatchewan (1903-1968) which can no longer be found on the map.

He also did things in places and with people that are still alive. Things that were fun. And he writes about it oh so well. The book is fantastic, and I'm probably just a freak, but I had to keep myself from crying on the bus three times while reading. Its just so freaking good and patriotic in certain parts!

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so. Go read this book. Its a Penguin Book! You know you love Penguin Books. And its only two years old, so it is quite current. And it covers so very much. Like how a guy in Northern Ontario in the 1930s decided to draw a yellow line down the middle of the road. That man may have saved YOUR life!


Poobomber said...

Haha, I actually grew up just a couple of towns away from what remained of Tate.

Interesting fact: All the towns along that stretch of rail line, one of which was Tate, were named alphabetically. Google map it and you can see the pattern.

Tim said...

"He also did things in places and with people that are still alive. Things that were fun."

this line reminds me of grade school book reports....good times.

i am playing outside said...

poobomber, the book totally already told me that. lol

tim, when i was in grade 1, we had this journal. it started out where we just had to draw pictures in it, but then we had to start writing little things. it often became things such as "TOMORROW i am going to my grandma's house. it WAS fun." lol

DLap said...

haha i think i might have to now read this book, i like knowing random facts especially about canada

Bec said...

you know whats fun to do?? read for fun, so excited that this is back in my life!

i am playing outside said...

i know. i have been just reading on the bus, but even like 15 pages a day is so much nicer than [A] looking at weird people on the bus and [B] reading for school lol

Elyse said...

I've read at least 20 books since I got this job... Nothing else to do but sit there... so I read.