Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Technology

It is 2009, and somehow, I have finally wound up in my first Polaroid ever.

Apparently Darryl has a Polaroid camera kickin' around, and still has some film [it is not longer being produced!]. I think I should feel special. Someone who is willing to use a rare, non-renewable resource on you is a keeper, right? How this is the FIRST Polaroid I've ever been in, I'll never know. You'd think someone would have had a Polaroid camera when I was born. They weren't full of retro-coolness back then, they were just normal crap.

In more recent technology news, Twitter has been pissing me off today. First, I wasn't posting my updates, and then it started deleting previous ones! Bitches!

And in more computer technology news, my PC has been a bit of a bitch ever since last Thursday when I decided to delete some programs. Darryl is going to come over tomorrow and set things right, while I make lasagna and garlic bread. Huzzah!


Bec said...

OMG he wants to create lasting memories with you using discontinued products and he can fix computers?!?!?!? Sooooo amazing, thank god you are finally making him dinner :)

Tim said...

That was a sweet gesture on Darryl's part. Though I think someone has girly handwriting...it's legible, simply horrible!

i am playing outside said...

lol yes he does indeed have girly handwriting. i was a bit shocked. but he's a teacher so i guess he has to? lol

Darryl said...

I will have you know that it is ONLY because I am a teacher that I write like that... I used to write like a normal guy back in the day - but then the nuns whipped me into shape!

(I will have you know that that is my "bad" penmanship...stupid polaroid-film writing space thingy!)

katrocket said...

It's about time you had your Polaroid cherry popped. That's a great photo!

I think Darryl has very nice penmanship. (Be proud, D!) It's a refreshing change from the usual boy-scribble.

Darryl said...

I am proud, but I am just saying that that is my "bad" handwriting! And thank you for the compliment! SEE, girls appreciate my penmanship! They often refer to it as "flowing" and "musical"!

Yay for polaroid pictures! *cherish*