Friday, March 6, 2009

The Surprise

I spent all day trying to think of something to blog about. I made my decision, and I took some pictures of it. When I turned on my camera to move the pictures to my computer, I found pictures that I took during reading week! So the pictures I was taking will be in my next post. Welcome to reading week.

We took a trip (my first) to the brand new Dollarama in Renfrew. It is insanely bright in there. It is also insanely well organized. I love it! And Lindsay loves being a bunny.

Rebecca loved the Easter stuff too.

Michelle just wandered, as usual.

Then we went to see Slumdog Millionaire. After the show, we found Athena, Elyse and Rebecca in the lobby.

Athena and Rebecca had matching boots, but one pair was a knockoff. Can you tell which one?

We hauled them to Tim Hortons with us, and Rebecca did horrible things to her Gingerbread Man. tsk tsk.


Bec said...

I've been waiting to see when you would posts these, I can't wait to email Athena and tell her!

Tim said...

you are the type of gay with all female friends!!!

i am playing outside said...

ya... there are more girls than guys in renfrew, and the guys i AM friends with aren't around as much lol. but most of the guys are losers.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha it looks like rebeccas only friend is a gingerbread boy with one arm

Elyse said...

oh yay! I made it on your blog! How exciting! :)