Friday, March 13, 2009

The Family

First of all, it seems that Post 300 came and went, so let us now celebrate this, my 303rd post! Huzzah! Moderate success!

There's nothing new going on with me, so lets take a peek at the family:

The Mother
She's doing well. She got a new floor installed in the upstairs bathroom this week. I hear it looks lovely. She's also getting a quote to have the kitchen/dining room/hallway re-floored. That would also be lovely. Its kind of sad when the flooring that is there now was installed within the past 20 years, under my watchful eye, and already needs to be replaced. Damn high traffic areas!

The Father
He's good too. Getting back to work after a back-hurting accident. He was at a conference for two days this week at the Chateau Laurier [classy!] but I didn't get to see him. He has agreed to keep paying my rent for a couple months after school [he's only legally required in my parents' divorce settlement to pay it while I'm in school lol]. So that's a bonus! He always talks on the phone like he's afraid that once he stops paying my rent, I'll have no more use for him. He's ridiculous. Parents are silly.

The Sister
Her crap is starting to come together. Her house is no longer hers [yay!] and in two weeks she'll be a normal, functioning human again. She still wont be any less messy. I took pictures of the disaster she turned my room into [the room I worked hard to make beautiful last summer] but they were too embarrassing to show online because the mess is just that awful. Thanks for messing up my niceness, bitch!

That's really all I've got. Pretty pathetic post. I battled computer and friend stupidity all day, so I'm burnt out. What's coming up for me in the future? Tomorrow night, Darryl and I are going to play Disco Bingo at a bar in Ottawa. I hear its fun. Its hosted by a guy I know. I love bingo. Next week is St. Patrick's Day, so I'm sure there will be a drink or two [hopefully with my friend Kerri]. And next Friday, Amanda and are going to Montreal to see Britney Spears, and maybe spend the day hanging out downtown if whoever's name gets inserted into that space is available in the daytime. Amanda hasn't Montrealed, so I think it would be nice if she gets to a little bit.

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Bec said...

1st - disco bingo sounds amazing
2nd - athena is going to see britney too
3rd - I am jealous of you all!