Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Britney Spears

Since the semester is ending, I've been very very very busy with assignments lately. My apologies. Also, I've finally reformatted my computer, and I'm now good to go. Let us mark my return with details from Montreal.

I claimed the position of driver, since Amanda was more afraid of driving in Montreal than I was. Michelle was not considered as an option. She's a back seat gal. We took almost an hour to finally get Michelle into the car, top up the wiper fluid, and then a lengthy attempt at getting the GPS to work. [NOTE TO AMANDA: I finally found the GPS option on my phone! I had hidden it since I don't use it. It is no longer hidden.]

I got us to Montreal successfully and we found a great cheap parking lot right near the Bell Centre. I took us downtown via metro where we wandered around in the maze of malls. We then ate at Nickel's. Celine Dion was not there, sadly. Why I planned mall time, I have no idea. While that's most peoples' thing in Montreal, I did not plan successfully for my audience of Amanda and Michelle. Fail.

After standing in the biggest line I've ever seen, we found out seats and I went to say hi to Athena who was also at the show.

Kerri was in the same section as Athena, so I hit two birds with one stone [birds = girls, stone = my award-winning smile].

The Pussycat Dolls whored it up, and I realized that I have ignored them so much in life that I did know the songs they were singing, but didn't know they were their songs. Weird.

This is how excruciatingly far away from the stage we were. Damn you, Montreal!

Perez Hilton creepily let us know that Britney was about to arrive.

This was the best picture I got of Britney, who is in that cage somewhere. I didn't try hard to get pics. I felt that the concert was fantastic, although the screaming fans drowned out the music a bit sometimes. Stupid girls.

We were literally in the last row. And then we came home.


Tim said...

Was it worth it than? I tend to avoid concerts these days unless they are outside, all the screaming fans drown out the singers and you can't hear shit.

Is there something to do in Montreal in winter besides visiting a mall?

i am playing outside said...

it WAS worth it. she rocked.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm not sure I would recognize a B Spears song let along P-Cat Dolls, but I'm glad you enjoyed the show and were such a gentleman to cart your friends about the town.