Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Advertisement

The picture isn't perfectly clear, but guy with his hand on the globe is Darryl. He was one of the people chosen to appear on the advertisement for the school he teaches at. It can be seen on buses all over the city. Inside on the little ads, and outside on the big bus-side ads. They will be kickin' around for the next 5 years. Jealous! I told him to get one of his students to steal one of the ads for him lol.

We spent the weekend together. Didn't do a whole lot. Not a whole lot to do, really. But things are going very well, which is all that matters! Woo!

Now I'm back to reality where I've got constant school work to do. That's exciting, no? I can't believe it is already March. My university career SHOULD be done in 2 months, but sadly I'll be taking a summer class, since I got an E last semester. That's not a fail and its not a pass. It's just a fuck you. Stupid university. I wonder how much a summer class will cost me. Now I wont graduate until October. Lame.

My last exams of the semester will be on April 22, which means I can start a job almost 2 weeks earlier than other years. Now I need to start getting on that whole job hunt thing. Lame.


katrocket said...

I had no idea there was an "E" grade option available. That's a bit of a chainyanker, isn't it?

So is Darryl tired of this line yet?:

"Show me your world, baby."

Bec said...

Oooo, your man friend is famous (baha Elyse with her I'm to mature to say BF) also WTF Ottawa U just makes up grades, I got a Q on my last essay!
ps school work sucks, i can't wait to be done my undergraduate degree

Tim said...

Your dating a hand model?

i am playing outside said...

bec - you got a Q? what? lol

tim - hello, hand and face model / teacher LOL

Elyse said...

mmk.... what are these random grades> E and Q that's made up nonsense.

stacy said...

E? ouch!

really, how hard would it have been just to pass you?

i'm sure you'll make the best of it.

i am playing outside said...

I'd rather have tried and failed than tried and received a participant ribbon. They just want more money from me. Damn university.