Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Quatchi

Sunday, my dad drove me back to Ottawa. We chatted about the same things we always do. It was planned that Darryl would come over for supper at 5:35pm. At 4:55pm, Andrew's mom and sister showed up. So not having the new man meet the old man's mother before my own mother. At 5:05pm, Darryl texts to say that he's about to be half an hour early. So not cool. Not even just in this situation. Plans are made for a reason! ... I ran outside to meet him and told him we were going for supper at Swiss Chalet. 10 minutes later, Andrew and family walk in the door, and get a prime table close enough that I spend the rest of my meal trying to avoid eye contact with Andrew. Just an awkward situation, ya know? After dinner, Darryl gave me a stuffed Quatchi [that's what she said] which is so fucking awesome. I had wanted one so bad.

We also watched the Oscars, which were painfully boring. Hugh Jackman is officially the worst host ever.

On Monday, I worked hard to finish my Hydrology assignment, went to class, relaxed. Tuesday, I went to class, then to Darryl's for dinner after we hung out at the mall for a bit [where we met up]. Over the past 24 hours, I also did my book summary assignment for my Power in the Workplace class. Woo. Done!

Nothing else exciting to report. Sorry. lol


Elyse said...

HAhaha... poor Michael. That is a very awkward situation. Almost as awkward as me having to live with Peter's ex girlfriend for 2 weeks... AWKWARD!

Tim said...

hmm I think you made the situation more drama filled than it needed to be. You don't have to apologize for failed relationships, and you don't have to keep your choices hidden from previous relationships either.

Still Quatchi is very cute..

i am playing outside said...

maybe i didn't explain well enough that I personally didn't want to be around the mother lol

stacy said...

that little guy IS super cute.