Monday, February 2, 2009

The Opportunities

Sometimes we miss opportunities. As Winter has slowly droned on and on, the pile of snow on the balcony outside my window has gotten larger and larger. That's what happens when you have a top floor apartment. I recently wanted to take a picture of the pile, but I decided that I would give it more time, since the pile wasn't going anywhere. Then I could have a really sweet picture.

Well wouldn't you know it, after 3 months of snow, Andrew decided to clear the damn thing off. Bye bye snow. You can instead enjoy this picture of last year's large snow pile, from December 2007.

BUT [here is where the post gets less boring!] sometimes we do go for the opportunities presented to us. I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Darryl. Welcome, welcome.

This was our first and currently only picture together. I look so awful that you will not be seeing it. But he looks super cute. We're gonna live in that huge house someday. LOL


Bec said...

Can I come and be your maid or something in that huge house? Or cook? I am a really good cook!

i am playing outside said...

ooo you can be the cook for sure! although the house is right near the elgin street diner. we'll take you with us on the days that we eat there instead lol

Tim said...

Family guy quote, "you know what Lois, why don't you just cook dinner anyway and we'll throw it away. I don't want you getting rusty"

heh Darryl! Does look nice however the odd angle makes him look like a Photo-shop friend?? hmmm

i am playing outside said...

no he's not a photoshop friend. screw you! ... its caused by weird scarf placement.

god i wish i could photoshop that well LOL

ugh now you have me questioning his existence. lol

Tim said...

It's okay to have "photo friends" no one is judging you! Well maybe a little but we are awfully forgiving down here in the States. We understand that the long winters give Canadians special 'needs'

katrocket said...

Darryl's very handsome - I'm sure you are also handsome in that pic, but it was nice of you to block out your face to make Darryl look good.