Friday, February 20, 2009

The Fix

People, I did it.

After THREE days of working and working and working at trying to speed up my mom's PC, being successful, then realizing that it was infected by an awful virus and then spending the second and third day trying to kill the virus, it finally died.

The computer has been working well for over 24 hours.

I also got a hair cut, which is lovely. Great job. Everything is back to normal. I've also done my 90 pages of reading for school [since its reading week and all]. Sadly, the two assignments I have to do [due Tuesday and Thursday] aren't going so well. With no working PC, I didn't have the option of doing them. Today I got two pages done on the first one, but this PC doesn't have Microsoft Office, just Open Office, and that's crappy and doesn't do spreadsheets well, so I'll do that assignment in Ottawa on Monday. The other assignment is all typing, so I can do that here, but I've been busy trying to fit in a bit of social life now that I'm no longer stuck fixing a computer. Tomorrow is my last chance, so I'll have 4-5 hours to get as much of assignment 2 done as possible, then finish the rest next week. Wish me luck!

I've got some pictures to share, but not tonight. Sometime in the next few days.


Tim said...

successful haircut! very good, still can't believe it took you five days to reformat the drive. That suxs what was the virus name?

i am playing outside said...

three days. and it was just an hour or two to reformat, and then 2.5 days to kill the virus, running every scan and performing every security measure in the book until i finally devised a successful virus killing system. it was win32/heur ... fucked up the rundll32.exe stuff. i reformatted half a dozen times during attempts to kill the thing. blah!